• A dark sky, a blue moon. A howl in the night is not your average wolf. Pain is leaping through his body, unable to change back. He began to cry. Tears streak his felt. Love brought him this pain... It brought him death.

    Sally walked through the darkness. She hated the dark, but it was how she lived. She was a vampire. She hated what she was, and who she was. She hunted the deer in the surrounding woods. the mountain was her home. Far from humans, far from temptation. She lived alone for centuries. She had no memory of her sire or her life before her change. Because of this she named herself Sally, and began life away from humans. Now, here she is, waiting in the dark for dinner to walk by. Her eyes adjusted to the lack of light and began to scan the shadows. This was her nightly routine. But tonight was different. The air was wrong, and everything was quiet. Too quiet.

    Sally wasn't alone, but what ever it was knew what it was doing. It was hunting. sally was being hunted. She began to crouch when she finally heard him. His breathing was rapid but smooth. She had never heard anything of the sort. And it worried her more that she could not see him. She froze half crouched, ready for attack. She had enough experience with bears and wolves to know not to turn her back on her opponents. She maybe able to heal fast but her injuries still hurt like hell. She waited, but her opponent seemed to be doing the same thing. Sally's senses searched the woods, separating smells and shadows. Minutes passed as she looked for him. and finally she found him.

    Shock and fear caught her off guard. A werewolf stared her down. Not realizing what she really was. Not until a growl ripped through her. The wolf stood his ground, and answered with a similar sinister growl.

    "Who are you?" Sally asked.

    She didn't expect an answer. Werewolves can rarely master speaking while changed. Sally waited and watched. Finally the wolf stood and approached her. He was the biggest wolf she had ever seen, standing nearly seven feet tall.

    "My name is Calib..." His words came out like a growl.

    Sally understood him anyway, and she began to relax. A case of mistaken identity. Sally thought Calib was normal wildlife, while Calib thought sally was a mere human. This was the closest she had ever been to a werewolf... It worried her.

    "Are you passing through or staking out territory?" She asked.

    Calib tilted his head and gave her a quirky smile.

    "What would it matter to you?" He answered.

    Sally didn't like this answer. This was her hunting grounds, and she didn't want any company. Calib seemed to sense Sally's uneasy demeanor and changed his answer.

    "I am hoping to hunt for a few months, then I will be heading north."

    Sally nodded

    "Canada?" She asked him.

    "Alaska, I prefer the cold." Calib replied and Sally couldn't help but smile.

    "I can't tell the difference, but the dead never can..." She remarked.

    Calib let out a bark of a laugh. He found sally funny, or more sarcastic. He seemed to

    like her.

    "I guess you need a place to sleep?" She asked him.

    "Beats the ground...?"

    "Sally, my name is Sally."

    Calib followed Sally to her log cabin a mile up the mountain. Small enough to stay unnoticed,this was Sally's sanctuary. Calib was surprised of its location. He had passed it many times over the past to days, but never noticed it. The cabin was small and made from pine and mountain boulders. Sally opened the front door and led the way in.

    "You can have the sofa, I sleep in the loft. If you need clothes there's some in the cabinet." She explained.

    She turned around to say good night when she noticed Calib was no longer a wolf, but a handsome young man. He rapped a blanket around his naked body and sat on the couch. He was amazingly beautiful with black hair past his shoulders, blue eyes, and a thin goatee. Sally was taken off guard by his beauty. Shaking her head she went on...

    "If you wake during the day do not open the blinds, for obvious reason, goodnight."

    Sally climbed up to her loft and laid back onto her bed. She was still hungry, but dawn was approaching. She closed her eyes and drifted into a dreamless sleep, like every night before.