• Payne

    I looked around the classroom, watching everyone write the test. I looked back down at my own test. I hate it when there's always that one question you can never answer.

    I looked up at the clock. Five more minutes to go. I started taping the end of my pencil to the beat of the clock.

    I sighed and tried to think. But the only thing coming to mind was Brad Cross. Why would he say that? He knows how I feel about him, and I know how he feels.

    I shook my head. I had to focus. Classmates already started handing in their tests.

    "Two minutes left," the teacher said, "If you need to time to finish the test, you are allowed to stay in during lunch to finish it."

    "Oh hell no." I whispered.

    I looked back down at my paper and quickly scribbled "25" on it, for my answer. I stood up and marched up to the teacher's desk. I slammed my paper on his desk.

    "Payne? Are you ok?" He asked me.

    "Of course I am. I was just handing in my test." I said.

    He looked at me in confusion, "Um ok?"

    I walked back to my desk and opened my binder. I pulled out my phone and texted Lily, "Where to for lunch?"

    As soon as I walked out on the bell, Lily was right beside me, "I'm in the mood for chinease. How about you?"

    "Chinease it is," I said smiling, "Wanna walk or cab it?"

    We both looked at each other and smiled, "Cab it."

    We walked outside to the front of the school and dialed the number for the cab company. Lily placed the phone to her ear and listened to the ringer.

    I turned around and looked up at the school. I saw kids walking in the windows, teachers talking in the staff room. My eyes scanned each of the windows and stopped at one that was right in the middle. I could see kids laughing and talking. I blinked when Isis sudden;y appeared in the window. I gasped and jumped.

    "Whats wrong?" Lily asked.

    I looked back at her, "You didn't see that!?"

    She shook her head, "See what?"

    "Isis-" I said as I looked back up at the window.

    But Isis was gone.