• The eagle flies, circling upon the misty sky giving Saviera a desperate warning.
    _PLEXIAKIS CITY_ :Reads the corroded metal sign hanging.
    She strolled into the cities grounds, with its dusty pathway of brick and debris, damaged buildings towering over her with busted windows. Dead trees and grass poked through the cracks of the ground and limp. It was silent, only the call of the eagle crackles throughout the mist. The air even stunk of death. The eagles cry is louder now, a sharp pitch piercing Savieras ear's, they twitched at the sorrowful outcry. She appears as a dark shadow at first but then her form became more apparent the closer she approached the impaired fountain. Then Saviera stopped suddenly... And looked. She couldn't see through the thick mist very well but she knew the eagle was here. And it was waiting for her. A weeping child rests there, the most pitiful thing she had ever seen. The child was male, stringy dull black hair, boney and weak leaning against the fountain. Small. He was laying beside a body on a pallet of rubbish, a female, smaller than he.

    "Hold on boy. If not just for a little while longer." the eagle screeched spreading her wings before Saviera. The child clinched tightly onto the lifeless cold hand of the little girl. Her flesh was already beginning to rot. There was a blackening around her eyes. "There are worst things than dying." Saviera spoke. At the sound of Savieras voice the boy's eyes jerked open. He began to gnash his teeth and expose a hostile stare at Saviera, he grunted and shivered barely able to hold his own head up. But she saw through it ... His pain... His heart. A tear dribbled down the eagles eye. She could see it, but too stubborn to admit it. "Try..." She screeched. Saviera took a step forward toward the boy but he thrashed and gnashed his teeth. Saviera looked up at the great bird. "Again!" The bird cried. And the boy striked with the most disturbing scream. Saviera flinched and backed away. That scream came from his spirit. "You are not trying hard enough SOUL SEEKER!" The eagle accused.
    "You of ALL wise creatures know A broken spirit is dangerous. This child is blinded by pain and fear. He has had enough... It is his choice." Saviera retorted.
    "Alas... I will stay with him then.. until the final impulse of his lifeforce is spent.." The eagle replied.

    Saviera nodded "Very well gental beast." She held her face away while slowly passing the fountain. The only sound was of the screaming child which ended moments not long after Saviera reached the city limits. After delivering one last cry the eagle finally lifted from the fountain climbed the sky and disappeared beyond the mist