• "This ride seems longer than others", Vanessa mumbled to herself while her body slouched in her seat. She begins to fiddle with the silver collar around her neck, she wondered what Remy was doing right now, was he thinking about her? Just the thought of it made her smile a bit, until she realized who she was thinking about. Shaking the thought out of her head she decided speak to Logan, that would probably keep her from thinking about Remy.

    "Logan, you have such great fashion sense", Vanessa said before grinning, she could hear Rogue and Kitty snickering. Logan grunts before speaking, "oh really?", he said while chuckling a bit. All of a sudden the X-Jet spun to the right, all three girls screaming, then, when it seemed to stop, Logan spun to the left, "AHH!!", Vanessa clung to her chair, she knew she had on a seat belt, but for some reason it felt as if she would be flung out of her seat if she didn't, "I think I'm going to be sick!", Kitty said while holding her stomach, both Rogue and Vanessa look at each other, "Logan!", they both said in unison, he grins, "calm down, just havin' a little fun", he said before slowing down, Vanessa heaved a deep sigh, "who, taught you how to fly?", she questioned him, a bit of frustration in her voice, "Ro", Logan said as he flicked up a few switches, indicating that the jet was about to land, "oh.... never do that, again". The X-Jet lands on a patch of land surrounded by trees, Kitty was the first one off, mainly because she had to remove the contents that were in her stomach, "wow Logan, see what ya did", Rogue said, Vanessa crossed her arms, "yeah Logan", Vanessa teased. It was obviously that she had a part in this as well, but she didn't feel like confessing, "I'll wait for Kitty", Vanessa said, she takes off her back pack and placed it on the ground before sitting on it, "me too", Rogue said with a smile, Vanessa looks up and returned one back, "stay here, is that clear?", Rogue and Vanessa nod their head, "understood", Rogue said as she sat down, not caring if she got her butt dirty, "so, hows life?", Vanessa asked, Rogue shrugs her shoulders, "you know, the usual".

    While heading further into the dense woods Logan could smell something odd, it was fuel, and metal.... with a hint of perfume, "strange", he said while going a bit further into the forest, the smell getting much more stronger this time, and the tree's were toppled over, like someone or something had plowed the area with ease. While looking around he heard footsteps near, the familiar smell entered his nose, "Domino", he growled before unsheathing his adamantium claws, a soft snicker came from behind him, "surprise", Sage or otherwise know as Domino, said while pointing a gun at point blank range, "at this range I wont miss", she said before letting out a sigh, "but I'm sure your healing factor will bring you back", Logan growls deeply, he had to plan a way to get away from her before she decided to shoot, "but it gives the others enough time to take out the other three", she finished. He frowns, "others?", he said, worry in his tone when he said it, she didn't speak, she just let him think about it, until she chose to pull the trigger, "good night Logan", she said as her finger pressed on the trigger, "SAGE!!!", a loud bang and Logan fell onto his knees, then down onto his chest. Domino stared at his lifeless body then turned on her heels.

    - - - - - - - - -

    Kitty had arrived back already, Rogue had gave her something to ease her stomach, and in a couple of minutes she felt much better, "Logan's taking an awful long time", Kitty said before rummaging through her bag to grab her water bottle, Vanessa shrugs, "don't worry, that's normal", she said before grinning, both Rogue and Kitty laugh softly, "what? It's true", Vanessa said while joining in with their laughter. Kitty takes a sip of her water before speaking, "so~ Rogue, how's it going with you and Remy?", she asked, Vanessa blinks twice, of all the people she chose to pick, she had to go for Remy. Rogue shrugs her shoulders, "ah don't know, normal ah guess", Rogue said while messing with a piece of her white bangs, Kitty grins widely, "define, normal", Kitty said, she wasn't going to leave this one alone, Vanessa could see it in the way she smiled, Rogue smiled softly, "well, it ain't like we touch or nothin'", Rogue said while a slight blush formed on her face, "one time, that crazy fool went and kissed me. Ah was scared he would hurt himself, but deep down, ah enjoyed that kiss", she finished. Rogue placed a lock of her brown hair behind her ear, Kitty smiles, "awe, that's so sweet", she said while looking over to her side, "what about you and Bobby?", Rogue asked, Kitty was surprised, "oh~ Bobby", she said with such a soft tone of voice, "there are like, so many things I could say but I don't want to like, bore you guys to death", she said while twirling a piece of her hair, "thank goodness", Vanessa said with a chuckle, Rogue grins, "okay, fine. Bobby is kind and sweet, he even listens to all my stories", Kitty says before blushing a light pink.

    Vanessa listen's to their conversation, sometimes ignoring parts because it wasn't important until Kitty spoke to her, "like oh my gosh, we totally left you out", she said with an apologetic facial expression, Vanessa didn't know whether to be insulted because she wasn't included in none of their talk, or happy that she stopped to chat with her. Vanessa sighed, "it wasn't like I cared", she said with her arms now crossed, "just continue with what ever you talking about", Vanessa watched her smile half way, then continue on with their conversation. I minute later a gun shot echoed through the forest, Rogue turned her head in the direction where they all heard the sound, "Logan", Vanessa whispered before getting up to her feet, "Logan isn't the only thing we should be worried about guys", Kitty said as she points over towards the area where tree's were falling, then out appeared a large figure, they all knew who he was, "it's Juggernaut....", Vanessa said while looking at him. Rogue took her bag and said the only thing she could say, "RUN!", Kitty got up, took her bag and ran along with Vanessa who broke out into a run, this only amused the Juggernaut as he ran after them, his speed picking up every few seconds, "he's going to ram us!", Vanessa yelled. Rogue looks behind her to see him closing in on them, "spread out!", she said before going to the left, while Kitty ran to the right, leaving Vanessa with the only option of running straight, and the worst part about it was she was slowing down every time the Juggernaut gained speed, not even her back pack, which she tossed aside didn't help. Maybe if she made it a bit further, she could throw herself to the side before he trampled over her.

    Gaining a bit of speed, Vanessa tossed herself over to the right just in time as Juggernaut was about to run her over. Her eye's meet Kitty's, "you could have fazed us all through him!!!", Kitty rubbed the back of her neck, "well I could faze Rogue, but that collar around your neck won't allow that", she smiles awkwardly before placing her attention on the freight train. Vanessa stood up, if she had the stupid collar off of her neck she could have taken him on.... or maybe not, but still. Rogue got into a defense stance, as well as Kitty who got in front of Vanessa, "I don't want to sound mean but, with out your powers you won't be much help", Kitty said, Vanessa's cheeks grew warm, "you should hide some place safe", Kitty finished. With out speaking a word, Vanessa ran towards the woods, not to hide, but to find Logan.

    At first finding him didn't come easy at first until she found a body laying on the ground, "Logan!", Vanessa yelled out before running over towards him, but the sound of a gun shot made her come to a complete stop, her hands instinctively place themselves upon her head, while her body crouched down, "ah, ah, ah. You shouldn't interfere with grown ups", a female voice said, Vanessa looks over at Logan, "what did you do to him!!", Vanessa shouts out, the silver collar around her neck starts to shake slightly, "nothing that concerns you", a figure comes walking out of thick bushes, for a few seconds she analyzed Vanessa, which she found very awkward, "this does concern me!", Vanessa snapped, for all she knew, Logan could be dead, but that was unlikely, "I swear, if you did any sort of long term damage, I'll kill you", she said, her hands now bald into fists. Domino chuckles, "I find that hard to believe, on the account that the collar you're wearing nulls out your powers", she said while crossing her arms, "you don't have the ability to kill me, even your teammates saw you as useless", Domino grins, knowing that some where, deep down she had hit a nerve that wasn't supposed to be reached.

    - - - - - - - - -

    Kitty watched as Vanessa took off towards the woods, maybe what she had said was a bit too harsh.... but it was true, with out the use of her powers, she was like any normal human. Rogue tapped deep down and gathered Bobby's ability to use ice, "ah forgot ah had this one", Rogue said with a grin, she watched as the Juggernaut ran towards her, but she shot a ray of ice on the ground under him, making him slip and slide like a fool, Kitty ran up to him, grabbed his legs and fazed him half way into the ground. He struggles, "you damn bitches", he growled, "wait till I get outta' this", he said, while he struggled to escape, the Earth that surrounded him began to rip, so Rogue had to make this quick, she removes her glove and walks over to him and placed her hand on his arm for about five six seconds until he passed out. Rogue took a few steps back, her head a bit fuzzy, Kitty ran over towards her, "you okay?", she asked, but Rogue shook her head, "we all wont be okay in about twenty minutes", Rogue said while placing her glove back on, "because this whole area is about to go up in flames", Kitty frowns, she had told Vanessa to hide, and where was Logan? "We have to find them before it's too late", Kitty said while running towards the forest, along with Rogue.

    Kitty fazed through mostly everything while Rogue had to battle nature, "ah sure wish ah had some of that ability", she said while jumping over a thorn bush, Kitty smiles, "no way, I saw what you did with Juggernaut", she said. The sound of a large explosion made them stop, but then realizing it wasn't the real thing they continued on, "what was that?", Rogue said, she could see smoke up ahead and then a figure, "it's Vanessa!", Kitty said before stopping, she had Logan over her shoulder, and her collar was in her free hand, the metal was twisted beyond recognition, and there was also another person, she was unconscious and bleeding from numerous cuts all over her body. Vanessa looked their way, the crimson red slowly fading away from her eyes, "lets go".

    Once Rogue had told them about what was about to happen Vanessa frowned, "we can't leave them here to burn up in flames", Vanessa said while placing Logan in a seat and strapping him in, "like, yeah we can", Kitty said before strapping herself into the front seat, Rogue raised an eyebrow, "ah never knew you could be so cold", she said before strapping herself into the main seat. Vanessa heads back out, "well, I'm not that cold hearted!!", she said while conjuring an X, "how much time do you think we have Rogue?", Vanessa asked, Rogue looks back at her, "about ten minutes, but even in that time you won't be able to pull Juggernaut out of the ground and save Domino at the same time!", Rogue told her, but Vanessa shrugs her shoulders, "I have to try", she said before bolting towards the limp body that was half way in the ground. She used the red X she had conjured just minutes ago and used it to slice away at the ground until it would be reduced to nothing but soft soil, then she grabbed hold of his muscular arm and pull him out until he was free, she lifts up her head to see the X-Jet going higher and higher, now she had to grab Domino which wasn't too far.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Inside the X-Jet Kitty heard a few moans and groans from Logan, he finally wakes up, to see that he was back inside the jet, he could see Rogue and Kitty, but where was Vanessa? He looks behind him, but she wasn't there, "where is she?", Logan asked, but Kitty was hesitant, she didn't have the guts to say that she was risking her own life for a bunch of terrible mutants, "Rogue", Logan said, he hoped he would get answer's from her, and he did, "Logan, she's down there", she paused for a few seconds before speaking, "the whole place is about to explode, and she's down there!", she finished. Logan unstraps his seat belt and stood up, "and you chose to leave her!!!", Kitty felt a bit of tears run down her face, "we told her it was dangerous, but she did it anyway", she said, Logan was about to leave but Rogue took his arm, using Juggernauts strength to keep him at bay, "no, she knows what she is getting herself into Logan", Rogue told him but he ignored her, his arm pulling away from her, but she couldn't let him leave like that, "you give me no choice Logan", she said as she took off her glove, her hand placed itself upon his forehead, "k-kuh....", it took more than ten seconds to put him down, Rogue fell to her knee's Kitty was about to get up but Rogue reassured her, "ah'm fine, just get us as high as we can", she told her while slowly getting up to her feet, she just hope's Vanessa would come out okay.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Vanessa ran into the forest, not caring whether she got caught in branches or scratched by thorn bushes, she just needed to get Domino. She spots her, still sprawled out on the ground, she takes her by the waist and slung her over her shoulder and ran as fast as she could. Upon arriving at the clearing she could hear a ear piercing explosion that made the ground under her jerk, causing her to fall forwards, she looks behind her to see tree's and rocks flying into the sky, and a wall of fire coming right for them, she scrambles to her feet and grabs Domino who had fell off of her shoulder the moment the ground jerked, she could see Juggernaut on the ground and in an instant she conjured a large enough red X under him and she jumped on. It lifts up, but not fast enough, Juggernaut's weight was slowing them down, and the wall of fire was about to engulf all three of them, but she wasn't going to let that happen, not on her watch.

    Placing Domino down Vanessa quickly conjured as many X's as she could to surround them, failing to see Domino waking up she continued with what she was doing, the X's began to spin until they were red blurs. The wall of fire hit them, hard causing Vanessa to stumble, but she regained her footing, Domino watched the young girl fight head on with the fire, she could see how much she wanted to give in, but something deep down inside her wouldn't allow it. Vanessa kept up the speed, but the fire itself seemed to be crushing down on them, she fell to her knee's, blood starts dripping from her nose, indicating that she has over stepped her limit, "I.... I can't", Vanessa said, Domino placed a hand on her shoulder, "yes you can! Just believe in yourself!", she said, Vanessa was a bit shocked to see her awake, Domino squeezed her arm softly. Vanessa slowly stood up, she knew she was at her limit, but she couldn't give in, clenching her fists tightly she willed herself to put out more power, her eye's turn a crimson red, and the red X's spinning around them start to expand out further, pushing the flames back, "AAAHH!!!", pain shot all through out her body, but stopping meant death, she fell to her knee's once more, her hands clutching onto her head, she was losing it, the rage was taking her over, "AAAHHH!!", Domino did the only thing that came to mind, take her into her embrace, her hand placed itself on the back of her head, she could see the flames pushing back again, if this was how they were going to die.... then she didn't mind, Domino closed her eyes, ready for the flames to engulf them, but the pain never came.

    The fire began to push away from them some how, until it vanished, Vanessa had passed out in Domino's arms, and the red X they were sitting on began to descend all the way back down until it touched the scorched ground, in about a second Juggernaut had woken up, having no clue of what just happened, but once he took a look at the brat in Domino's arms he recalled the events that took place, "hey! It's one o' those brats!", he was about to pull her away from her but Domino pointed a gun right at his face, "touch her, and I'll blow you brains out", she said before lifting her up in her arms, "call Magneto".

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    Arriving at the mansion only made things worse, mainly because everyone was there and knew about what went down, Logan was still out, leaving only Rogue and Kitty to explain what had happened.

    Ororo was out raged, not just because they had taken the X-Jet with out asking but for leaving Vanessa behind in such a situation, "ah'm sorry Ororo", Rogue said in a low voice, Ororo looked at her, rage in her eyes, she was about to yell, but she burst into tears, "nooo", Ororo sobbed, she slowly walked away from them, Hank leading her to the living area, Scott paced back and forth, Emma tried to calm him down, but it wasn't working, "you two should head to your rooms until this is all sorted out", Emma said calmly, even though she was every bit as angry as Ororo, Rogue nods her head along with Kitty. Rogue enters her room to find Remy sitting on the edge of the bed, "I heard what happened", Remy said before standing up, Rogue felt tears run down her face, "she just", Rogue couldn't finish the sentence, she could have done more, and now her friend was either dead, or alive, Remy pulls her into a hug, "don' blame yourself, chere", he held her a bit tightly, right now he didn't care if he touched her skin, because now his lips were pressed against hers, she tried to pull away but she wanted the exact same thing, he broke the kiss only to kiss her once more, each one he placed on her gave her small chills, "Remy, stop it", she told him between breaths, but he refused, not wanting to let her go until he felt weak enough to let go. She helps him over towards the bed and lays with him, "dat girl is tough", Remy said before caressing her chin, "she ain't dead", and he knew it too.

    Logan woke up in his room, he frowns, then it finally hit him, Vanessa didn't come back, he pulled the cover off of him and ran out of his room, he could hear Ororo crying and Hank trying his best to calm her down, he saw Scott walking down the hall, he he saw him as well, "where is she!", Logan demands, Scott didn't answer, "WHERE IS SHE!!", he grabbed Scott by the shirt, for a few seconds there was only silence, "the professor is searching for her", he said "now get your hands off of me", Logan lets go of him, "everyone, come down to my office", the voice of the professor rang in his head, him and Scott look at each other and head down towards the Professor's office. The door opens, Logan and Scott are the first to arrive, "is she okay?", Logan asked, but he didn't respond to him until everyone was accounted for, then he spoke, "Vanessa is alive, but barely", he said before showing a hologram, then it expands until they were inside, "is that, her?", Ororo asked, she could see the flames clearly, and they were in it, she had to stop herself from shedding more tears, "she was protecting Domino and Juggernaut", Emma said while crossing her arms, Hank zooms in closer, "oh dear", he said before speaking once more, "she took on such a brutal task on her own", he said while sighing deeply. The hologram vanished, "they have taken her to Genosha", the Professor told them, Logan growls, "Scott, Emma, and Remy will head out on this mission. But I prefer we wait a few days in order for Vanessa to recover", Logan frowns, "a few days! Magneto might get to her in a few days chuck!", Remy placed a hand on his shoulder, Logan gave the Professor one last look before leaving the office, they could wait, he didn't care, but he was heading out tonight.

    - - - - - - - - -