• xxxxxxxx Hello. I'm a potato. I just hide under ground all day, waiting for my sprouts to grow. Until one day I realize that I've grown all I could, but no one has picked me up. One by one, I watch my other potato friends go one by one, into the great world to accomplish what they were planted for. But here I am, sitting in the ground, waiting for someone to pick me up. Weeks pass by, I can feel the ground becoming cooler and cooler. And that's when I realize, no one is coming for me. But as soon as I say it, I felt the ground around me shaking. Of course, I thought that it was my other friend s getting picked up, but as the ground shook more and more, it wasn't for my friends. It was for me. My center churned with happiness. I felt like I could spout root.

    xxxxxxxxAs I was lifted from the ground and into the hands of the gardener who dug me up. I could see I was the only one left. The ground around where I was picked was all ready for next season's planting, and I knew that I was a late potato. Still, my heart was skipping beats. It was until then, they saw me as a rotten, ugly, puny thing, and then I was tossed into the trash. My poor little heart broke into pieces. If I could, I would have cried all the tears in my little heart out. But then again, I'm just a potato. There wasn't anyone else thrown in here. Just me.

    xxxxxxxx I sat in there for hours after being picked, until this little human boy came by and picked me up. He looked at me and gave me a soft smile. "I found the perfect potato for my garden at home!" How can he say that? I'm just a poor rotten useless potato that was just thrown away. The little boy looked at me with sadness in his eyes. He quickly took me to wash me off, then dried me clean, leaving a kiss on my bud head. "Looks like everyone left you behind. Momma says that she picked all the ones in the garden, but left you in there. She got all but one." The boy hugged me. I could feel the warmth in his arms, and the hug. For a potato, I surely knew how to have emotions. The little boy soon took me into a small little garden, not too far from this one where I sprouted. He took a knife and cut off the parts that had no feelings in it, and sat me down onto the grass. I took a glance to see he was digging some dirt into a pot. He took me gently and place me in, covering my with a nice coating of dirt. It was nice and cozy. The little boy whispered to the pot and giggled. "I love you potato! Please grow and have many more potatoes for me! I will protect you and take care of you for the rest of my life!" If I were to have a mouth and lungs, I would have screamed out in joy.

    xxxxxxxx Years went on, and I did as he wanted me to. And he kept his promise too. Potatoes for him, his wife, and soon enough, his children. I was really happy to be able to see him grow up and see his children too. But sadly, one day, I couldn't sprout anymore. I knew this was going to be the end. But it was alright, they boy was already grown up, and had a family. Though he loved to talk to me, and his wife would come around to say hi to me too. I knew I couldn't keep up with him anymore. He already did so much for me, and I tried to return the favor. It was a rainy day, one where his family was out shopping, only him and me, like the old days. He talked to me about his work, and how it was fun, yet frustrating. I loved all the talks we shared. I'll never forget those moments. Slowly, my roots began to rot and fade away into the dirt where he once placed me in. I wanted to say one last goodbye to him before I rotted into the dirt, leaving nothing behind. I wanted to tell him all I had for him. My feelings, how much I wanted to thank him, and how much I loved him. Having these emotions just crushed me but it was alright. At least I was able to share my last moments with him. "I love you and thank you!" I wanted to say as I rotted. But sadly again, I am just a potato.