• Hello I am a thousand year old witch. I know what you're thinking, right that there is no way I could be a witch, or a thousand years old but it's true. now you may be wondering how I became a witch, and how my life was, well that's what I'm about to tell you.

    My story begins when I was just fourteen years old, and was walking home from school one afternoon. When I was about halfway home I started to realize that a strange man had been following me for a while now. He was very tall and slender. I couldn't tell any of his other features because he was wearing a oversized trench coat, and a huge top hat. The closer this man got the more I worried, and asked myself questions about why he was following me.

    At the next stop I took another way home, where no one but me went, but he continued to follow me. I started running hoping that I could lose him in this maze that only I knew about. When I was sure he wasn't behind me I checked, but there he was running after me. I ran faster and faster so I could get away, but he was always there. After about a block I tripped and thought it was all over for me. I jerked my head to see if he was going to get me, but I couldn't even see him. My worry was over, and I got up to see what I had tripped over I saw it was a small box in the shape of a moon that was no bigger than my fist.