• Strains of copper flew out into the wind the landscape green almost as if it was never touched by life or by humans. The wind blew fast and hard. Flower petals few off with leaves from how strong the wind was. The woman yelled jumping back, throwing out 4 blades at once at another woman who looked identical to her.

    The only difference was one, throwing the blades, had blue eyes as the other dodging had sea green eyes. The blue eyed woman threw a couple more blades at the sea green eyed woman. She dodged easily seeming to move like water. She grinned giving a taunting grin. "Is that all you have? You must not want your freedom badly enough. That is a shame. I was hoping for a better fight." The sea green eyed woman said with a small pout.

    The blue eyed woman was panting looking tired. "You b***h...you have to let me out. I will reclaim my kingdom from you." She panted at the sea green eyed woman before her. The woman with sea green eyes smirked starting to float or hover in the air, looking down at the blue eyed beauty.

    "Oh but our deal was you would need to defeat me if you want your freedom and your dear kingdom back." Said the woman with sea green eyes. The blue eyed woman yelled giving a last attack, missing and was thrown back by a powerful blast of unseen force. Laying on the ground she glared at the woman who began to fade. "I will see you later for you to try again." She said laughing.

    Her body faded from the untouched land where the fight had ended in defeat of the blue eyed woman. Outside the untouched land sat a woman with sea green eyes that changed to blue. Around her neck was a thin silver chain that hung down between her breasts where dangling from it was a blue and silver pendent that wrapped around a crystal that seemed like glass.

    Under the beautiful green and red top of the royal dress fit for a queen. Copper colors long hair pulled back danced around the emerald and diamond dangle earrings as the woman walked over to a window, looking out at the land before her. Homes, businesses, people active was before her. The sky clear blue. Steam from pipes rose to the air, motors sounded in the air, a wonderful sound.

    Looking closer to her dress one could see pieces of metal and markings fitting of their country's time. The humans in the Human Realm called it Steam Punk but to them in Aphelia it was just their interesting moderenish time for them; a nice mix between modern and advanced technology with the beauty of the Victorian or other past eras of greatness. Smirking she touched her chest at the pendent.

    "Ah how wonderful this has been." She commented, having taken over unnoticed about 6 years prior. No one noticed thanks to the enchantment on the prison she had the real queen in that allowed her to match everything if the original queen. It was almost perfect but at times it faltered such as if she did not wear it then her sea green eyes would be shown and show the darker color of her copper hair compared to the lighter copper of the real queen.

    Turning away from the window she stepped to the lavish throne with the echo of her heeled shoes giving the beautiful room life with each steps echoing tap on the polished silvery white marble flooring. Her mind was on her tasks for the day, a small smirk on her lush red lips.