• The history of Aphelia is vast and ever expanding as the world that was created to keep order tries to keep order within itself. The world of Aphelia is large with a compromise of different lands that exist with different levels of technology. Some countries preferred to stay with the past eras as others preferred to advance themselves and to become more efficient and technology superior.

    It began centuries back in the Human Realm, where the current year is for the modern day era, also torn by war and disharmony among many of the different countries. Centuries back the heavens seen all the war coming so decided to create a way to try and keep balance in the Human Realm without harm coming to the Gods and Goddesses newest creations.

    In the ancient world they created a gateway, full of magic, leading to the new world they were creating so to keep balance on our side. They started the world with one huge landmass, later on forming more lands to create a well formed world, full of magic and creatures that we humans call fantasy or fairytale.

    First created were humans, quiet simple for Immortals to create. After the humans were made and began to learn and create homes for themselves, the Immortals watching formed other beings such as elves, centaurs, dwarfs, and other hybrids of animals and other beings with the normal variety of animals.

    There was peace in this world left unnamed. As the years passed the angels even began to go down and visit with the humans, laughing and having a wonderful time with their mortal friends. But as well with time passing the Gods and Goddesses of all things dark began to grow annoyed at all the peace and quiet of the new world they created.

    One night they finally had it, forming dark beasts and brought forth the darkness in humans hearts, eventually one king becoming corrupt, going against his brother that resided with light in his heart. The once peaceful land now became divided when war started to break out between the people and creatures. The main God and Goddess were asked to stay back during the formation war.

    The others that helped create the world formed together, forming a being that later would come to be known as the Holy Light Warrior, clad in white light, using a mighty sword appearing to be made of angel wings to banish the beings of the darkness.

    The creators of the dark beings hated to see their grand creations be slaughtered and so joined together as the Gods and Goddesses had done, telling the main God and Goddess of darkness to stay back as they formed themselves into a warrior as well.

    This form, surrounded by darkness and body black as night also carried a mighty sword that appeared it was made of angel wings as well but the wings were black as a stormy night. Using this dark power the later known as the Unholy Dark Warrior, used the dark powers of the sword to banish and corrupt those that resided in the light and seemed to fear what lie lurking in the darkness.

    It would pass to be twenty years in the human realm but in this new world time was different. It passed much slower than in the human realm. Twenty years in the human realm was much more to ten years this battle continued with neither side gaining much momentum or so appeared, in reality the Darklings as they were come to be called, were gaining an upper hand, more and more Lightlings being corrupted.

    As the war continued on the brothers that now ruled the two largest countries in this new realm were growing older and more frustrated with the other. They didn't know why the other wouldn't join their way of life and thinking.

    The war was not ending any time soon and the Darklings were growing in number as the elder brother was corrupted more and more as the years had passed, the Unholy Dark Warrior controlling him and leading him down the darker path of life, wanting to snuff out the light and the Lightlings. They wanted the darkness to rule, to have excitement in the lands created by the Gods and Goddesses that had desired harmony for both realms.

    By year fifteen into year twenty the conflict finally came to a final battle, where the boarder had been created to divide the land between the Darklings and the Lightlings. In the beginning of the final battle each side started with thousands of men, all ready to fight for their own side. The two warrior's stayed back, observing, but ready to fight and kill the other. It didn't take long into the battle's beginning before the Unholy Dark Warrior charged into battle, letting large black wings come from their back.

    At this time the Holy Light Warrior charged into battle as well, seeing many brave souls slayed and corrupted in one sweep of the black sword. Huge white wings shot from their back as they flew in quickly, swinging their blade of white out at the Unholy Dark Warrior. The Unholy Dark Warrior dodged the strike and swung their own blade in return, causing the Holy Light Warrior to dodge, letting the strike destroy trees below.

    The two met in the middle in the air, sparks flying above as the clash took place in the air and on the ground. Blood fell, the land cracking and starting to seem like it would fall apart from the mighty forces at work. Hours passed of the hard battle, humans and creatures alike fought and died.

    The main God and Goddess could not stand to watch any further. Seeing their realm destroyed that they had created in order to bring order and peace to both realms pained them greatly. Together they watched and held close the other, a bright light slowly forming, the dark clouds starting to swirl. Below them the Holy Light Warrior and Unholy Dark Warrior kept their clash, meeting and lowering to the ground.

    Men screamed as the pair touched the earth, singing and destroying the grass and life from where they came to rest, swords locked. The orb of white began to form a figure of a human, half of it going dark as they decided one could not live without the other no matter how much it was desired. Finally when finished they released their final creation to end the war. The white and black light form shot down, readying a mighty bow and arrow, taking aim, wings shot out of its back one white and one black.

    The pair looked up and glared, moving to attack the new being to challenge them and interrupt their fight. The arrow was shot, engulfing the area and land in white. Everyone screamed that still lived but was confused to what had happened once the light had faded. They were no longer on the chard and destroyed land of the battlefield. They were now on grass as green as new life. The sky was clear as could be and the dead were gone from sight.

    One person stood and saw a sight of dead landscape and darker grass before him. Walking over he grunted, hitting an unseen wall and when he reached out he felt the barrier that kept him from entering the unrecognized landscape. On the other side the same was happening but to them they saw the lush green landscape of the other side and they too could not get through the barrier. Confused and unsure what to do now they left the barrier, moving to rebuild their homes and their lives, wanting to put the disturbing memories behind them.

    Seeing the ones on the brighter side of the barrier leaving them without a word this drew more anger and hate in the hearts of those deemed Darklings, those corrupted by darkness and hate. They soon returned to rebuild their homes now on one side of the barrier, unable to pass to the other side again.

    At the Light castle a young woman approached the King and Queen, presenting to them a book, claiming it had been entrusted to her by a Goddess of Light. It was a book describing two beings that would come and go through the world when needed that when one would start to rise the other would come to quiet the storm and bring peace. These beings were named in the book to be simply called the Light and Dark Maiden.

    It included artwork to represent how these maidens will be recognized but as time passed after this knowledge came to be it seemed no one truly believed either one to be truly good or evil but to be of the monster kind and to not be trusted or at least that was for any child born with the black star inside of a black crescent moon with black swirl like wings on either side, the symbol for the Dark Maiden.

    Whereas for a child born with a light colored heart with swirled wings on either side, the symbol of the Light Maiden, were treated like royalty. They were honored, praised, given what was needed and treated to the best of the best, including allowed to reside inside the castle, the capital of the Light Lands.

    This always as time passed it became to where the time flow in this realm, named Aphelia by a head Priest after the might war had passed, began to become divided up. It still flowed slower than the Human realm but the different counties began to adapt their own sense of what level of technology they were. Some leaders and their people decided they preferred the simple life before the modern day technology of the human realm that was learned by them.

    They learned with the different gateways that connected to different countries that a few could pass through the main one leading to the human realm and from them they brought back technology that some embraced, others advanced further on, as others were happy with the way modern day living was in the human realm to mimic it. Those who preferred the past era's would stay in the simple life but had adopted some of the modern day utilities such as plumbing, medicines, electric lighting, and such things.

    It was recorded down that the Light Maiden when found had the responsibility to empower the barrier to keep it strong as it would fade over hundreds of years. But it was seen that it took a lot for the maidens to power it where it stood so when King Brim took rule he instructed the mages and sages of the castle to construct something to tie the barrier's power to for monitoring and so the strain on the Light Maiden next would be less on her body.

    What they created took thirty mages and thirty sages to fully construct. They created a crystal, color blue as the ocean and clear with pure innocents. Once finished it pulsed with life and glowed a warm welcoming light. So began in a announced Sacred Room of the castle was the crystal that was linked to the barrier so the royals ruling could watch and monitor the barrier so to protect their subjects.

    Even though Aphelia's time was ten years less than the human realm the different countries depending on their technology level came to claim a time different than the rest of Aphelia. Confusion came to travelers to the different countries so it was decided they would have their era's times be listed one hundred to two hundred years ahead of the human realm, just so it was easier on printers and calendars when made so all times before were also covered.

    It was also thought that they should just forget about a general century time but others were against that. Unseen to them all was a new land formed, five lands connected by bridges and floating above them but thanks to the enchantment on the lands it also floated above the water just enough to show it was not an ordinary land. These unfounded and untouched lands were known as the God Lands.

    Here the Gods and Goddesses of elements to keep order resided to keep out of sight and mind of the residences of Aphelia. As before there were Light and Dark Gods and Goddesses as well as the other elements to keep order flowing in both realms. Here the different islands had its own season, thanks to the magic on each one, controlled by the Gods and Goddesses residing on it. In the center was the main land for the God Lands and there ruled by three brothers, keeping the others in check.

    Now in its current time the lands are in place, the races divided or living together, depending on the country, all is at peace but as before as time wains on the barrier weakens and only the Light Maiden's powers can restore it to proper strength. But also has it been learned by the Darklings that the Dark Maiden can destroy the barrier with ease or put holes in places so they can pass through it without much detection.

    Yet even they cannot control fate and fate decides where the marks appear and on who they appear on. There had been times the Light Maiden appeared on the side of the Darklings and the Dark Maiden on the side of the Lightlings. Other times both maidens have appeared on the same side of the barrier either Light or Dark side. Fate is odd that way and at times it is siblings that share this fate or at times friends or complete strangers. It all depends on where the mark lands as time nears closer for the maidens return.

    It does not however mean a maiden by their mark is of that type. It is easy to corrupt a Light Maiden into a Dark Maiden if the Maiden's mind is feeble enough to be changed. Other ways is wearing the Maiden down but the same is for the Dark Maiden, though is more difficult if the heart is very corrupt and lost.

    This is not commonly done but has been done in the past. Of present the maidens are slowly surfacing, slowly being found or is it, created? In the more advanced countries of Aphelia some scientists on either side have tried to create the maiden of their desires or their employers desire. Alas, when they try their lives end in horrific defeat. None have succeeded in this requested task but it has not yet detoured them from trying. No, why should men and women of science fear death? They could always be, resurrected by data into machines or bodies of both flesh and mechanics.

    This sounds wrong I am aware but there are surprisingly many who see this as an achievement to conquer death. Yes they continue to try and defy the cycle of life. At times it has turned the person trying into a monster, a demon of sorts that resulted in death after being brought back. Other times it is a lighter appearance and more successful, till fate takes control and the resurrected person parishes.

    Science of these advanced countries draw closer to creating a Light and Dark Maiden when they want her to appear, not thinking over the consequences of these actions and of what could happen if the real Maidens decided by fate were to meet their counterparts, developed by science and genetic alterations.

    Good or bad it continues, the cycle of fate is never ending, even in the realm where magic and creatures reside to keep balance in our Human Realm. The war is never ending just paused for a period of time but once the barrier weakens the war resumes once again till the barrier is restored to its full strength. Peace then comes only for the cycle to resume once it weakens again before being strengthened and so on, a never ending conflict where one wishes to dominate the realm, to cause destruction in both realms, and to live in joyous happiness in the fires of chaos.