• Chapter 1: Lies, Deception, and Blood
    Day One

    The moon shone bright through the thin wispy clouds in the sky as Princess Miry and her twin brother Prince Malaky walked along the beach. Looking up, they both were amazed by the view of the other world shining brightly like over sized stars in the night sky. Miry looked out over the clear water as the warm summer breeze brushed her brightly colored hair lightly over her shoulder and face. Malaky seemed to be waiting for someone or something.
    “I don’t understand…..Ashlynn was supposed to be here.” Malaky said brushing his hand through his red hair.
    “Maybe he is running late, my brother. Be patient, remember patience is the key to success now a days.” Miry’s voice said softly as she looked to her older brother still holding her poise.
    “I know, but he is too late. Miry, he is never this late to a meeting.”
    “Malaky, just relax. Ashlynn will come, he has to. He is the only with the answer we need.” She looked over her shoulder as she heard someone running across the sand. Malaky turned to see his best friend Kellin running over to him and his sister with a sad look upon his face. Coming to a stop before the twins, he gave a slight bow. Stealing a quick glance at Miry causing her to shudder slightly, he grinned slightly. Returning his gaze to Malaky, Kellin shook his head with a pained expression that gave away what was next to come.
    “Please, tell me it’s not true.” Malaky said as his shoulders fell. Kellin looked down at the sand then back up at his friend.
    “I really wish I could, Malaky. You know that I hate to burden you with this bad news, but Ashlynn has gone missing from the city.” Kellin said stealing another quick glance at Miry. Malaky seemed to freeze hearing the news but Miry stood tall thinking about how to fix it.
    “We can go look for him.” Miry said with a soft tone. “I have the day to myself tomorrow so while I am out I can look for him.” She added softly as she looked at the moon. Kellin looked at her amused that she had said such a thing, but Malaky seemed like he knew she would say that.
    “I can’t let you go out there on your own, I know you can handle yourself better than I can handle myself, but it is too much work.” Malaky responded as he looked down at his sister.
    “I can deal with it! Besides I won’t be on my own, I will be with the guards.” She responded as she let her eyes quickly look at Kellin then looked off into the distance.
    “If Ashlynn is dead, then the killer would be able to take out the guards easily. I say let’s go look as a team. Malaky, I presume you are busy tomorrow, so it can be just Miry and myself.” Kellin caught a smile on Miry’s face and then looked to Malaky for approval. Malaky thought for a moment before nodding.
    “If happens, we can just escape to the castle. There should be more than enough guards around the castle to protect us. Plus, we are only looking for information, not a confrontation.” Kellin smirked as he looked back at Malaky. Malaky nodded and then gazed out over the sea. He knew something was bound to happen that was unexpected, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Malaky then turned and looked at Miry.
    “ If anything happens, you come find me. Someone knew that Ashlynn knew and was trying to hide it from us. We need that information, we just may need to go find it on our own.”