• A cave painting of a spiked creature showed. Large spinal plates covering it's back. Razor sharp fangs and claws were painted. The cave painting looked ancient, almost as if it were there for more than centuries, telling a story of one creature.

    A medieval painting, showing humanoid pony like creatures, trying to slay a beast. Fire erupted from it's jaws, rows of spikes went down it's back, it's lips curled into a soundless snarl. The ponies wore knight armor, thinking it would protect them. They were wrong.
    A picture of an ancient creature, dead, on the sand. It was massive, nothing but bones. However, it showed men around it, spears and swords, as if they knew something the cameraman did not.

    A massive picture of a fish was shown, devouring a man whole. Men had spears, stabbing into it, arrows and scars dotting across the creature's scales and fins.

    A old, soundless video turned on. Ponies waved at the camera, on top of a strange boat. The date was 1954. To those, it was the beginning of the nuclear and magical age. The strange machine was called a 'submarine'.

    It showed islanders looking off in the distance, seeing an ancient creature. Spinal plates surfaced from the water in a silent display. The spines were massive, belonging to a creature more ancient than pony kind.

    Stallions, wearing army uniforms, watched from boats to see the massive creature. It continued to move, the soldiers wearing looks of fear and gave looks that would make anyone scared.

    The frames switched, to show an overhead view of the spinal plates, moving at a pace that belonged to the owner's knowledge. It changed to show three cartoon islands, satellites and landlines dotting up on them.

    It then showed Soldiers running two and fro, right next to missiles, loading them onto boats. Another view of the spinal plates, moving slower this time. A pony pointed at the radar, a large object heading towards them. Ponies sat down, wearing goggles, science coats covering them.

    "Ten, nine, eight..."

    Helicopters moved away from an island, carrying personal and scientists away. A large creature flew towards the island, making them glare at it. It was massive, a blue exoskeleton covering it's body. It had crab like claws, large bat like wings, and a scorpion tail, giving a shrill roar.

    "Seven, six, five, four..."

    A strange device was being held by two ladders. It was green in color, with a yellow stripe going down the middle. A sign was on it, showing that it was no ordinary test.

    It showed a head, with spines going down it's neck, and this little present was going to a special creature. It had a bear like snout, green spikes and had purple scales.

    "Three, two, one..."

    A creature surfaced, water exploding out in an brilliant display. The creature had three large rows of spinal plates going down it's back. White foam covered it's face, hiding what it looked like. Purple scales were visible, containing over hundreds of tons of weight and muscle. It's spinal plates were green, raising from the water like a dagger through flesh. Another shrill roar echoed out, the giant saurian sighting the insect. It's tail slammed into the insect, sending into the island. The giant dinosaur gave a glare that could kill, it's chest puffing out slowly. It then opened it's maw, letting loose a roar that shook the very heavens.


    The two titans clashed, the saurian biting onto the arthropod's neck, tearing into it's exoskeleton. A shrill roar erupted from it, the large dinosaur throwing the bug away. It suddenly stabbed it's tail into the saurian's chest, making it roar in pain, before the insect tackled the monster down. They wrestled on the ground, the insect freeing itself and flew around the dinosaur. The monster's wound started to slowly repair, it's glare unwavering.

    A strange sound started to go through the air. It started as a low pitch, the saurian's tail raising up, a green light showing. It started to trail up, traveling up the creature's spinal plates. It sounded like tesla coils humming to life, the saurian's eyes started to glow green, nuclear fumes pouring from it's nostrils and gills. Water evaporated around it, it's chest expanding, it's lungs burning from the lack of air. It then opened it's bear like maw, nuclear radiation spewing from them, looking like emerald flames, making the insect screech in pain as it's armor and organs burned from the heat.

    The saurian stopped the beam, roaring in victory, until it saw the insect started to repair it's organs and skin, making it give an annoyed growl. It looked towards the humanoid ponies, it's glare softening. It then turned back to the insect, before the small metal device started to beep. It exploded, catching the saurian by surprise.

    A cloud, shaped like a fungus, raised high into the air, sending smoke and ash into the air. Nearby boats were blown back from the force, ponies cheering and clapping as it went off. Soldiers shook hands, some even hugging each other. The cloud rose higher into the air, nearby islands being burnt and scorched. The smell of smoke was thick in the air, before trees were blown away by a powerful force.

    Water, dirt, rock; everything was blown back by the force, before it hit the camera filming it. Ashes fell from the sky, white smoke filling the air, before something moved in front of the camera. Suddenly, a foot moved, making the ponies stop cheering, the saurian coming out of the smoke. All it's wounds were now healed, it giving the ponies a look. It then looked at the insect, now charred and dead, and raised it's maw to the sky, letting loose a roar of victory heard for miles. It then slowly walked into the water, before diving into it, disappearing into the depths of the ocean.


    A spinning rotor was heard, a helicopter flying around a mountain. It was 1999, fourty years later, and it was really busy. The helicopter turned, showing a mining field. Hundreds of men walked around, climbing ladders, or carrying equipment. The helicopter landed, sending dust into the air. A mare stepped out, purple fur. She had a horn on her head, with two wings on her back, wearing a while button up shirt with black jeans. She also wore a suit vest, black in color.

    "Doctor Sparkle?"

    The mare's name was Twilight Sparkle, and she was on a classified mission. A guard appeared at her side, blue hair and a white coat, wearing golden armor.

    "Yes?" Twilight answered, seeing the doctor.

    "Thank god your here, Sparkle, my men found something." The stallion said, walking off, muttering silently.

    Twilight followed him, the guard behind her snorting in an amused fashion.

    "Our diggers found a source of radiation. Thinking it was a radiation pocket, we stacked the heavy machines, when suddenly," They stopped, seeing a large hole in the ground in front of them. It was easily a mile wide, destroyed or bent machines on the other side, "The valley under them fell, we speculate about fifty workers went down with it."

    Twilight gave a whistle of awe, before the doctor led them away, the guard stopping to stare for a minute, before following the two scientists.

    "I've got a bad feeling about this," The guard muttered, the three getting ready to get suits on.

    Unknown to them, a parasitic life form dug out of the ground a miles away from them, giving clicking growls and roars. It started to head towards the ocean, leaving dead trees in it's path as well and a large trail of dirt.