• If a boy wants to learn how to live in peace, a boy can learn from nature, from creations that are seemingly less complex than the human, from life that exists but does not think as intensely as humans. People believe the lifestyles of such creatures are to be envied. People think putting them in zoos restricts their freedom. People don't understand what freedom is. Freedom is not having to hunt each day to ensure you and your family do not starve. Freedom is not having to defend yourself against any predators. Freedom is being feed each day, with no worries about whether or not you and your family will die tonight and vanish from existence.

    A boy observes a white-tailed deer, sneaking from tree to tree as the deer roams, hiding behind each one so he would not be seen. The majestic soul roams as though it were a vagabond, with no destination, no idea of where it's headed. It doesn't have a goal. That's what makes it more advanced than we. The deer, who knows only that it came from a place and is headed to a place, has no hope, no will. That's why it lives on. That's why it lives every day with such fascinating animation.

    What is perfection? Perfection is something that stops humans. It gives us a goal. Goals will drag a person down. When someone doesn't have a goal, they will just keep on going, without knowledge of where they're going or where they're from. They live simply because they have no reason to die. They just keep on going.