• Chapter 1

    The sky turned red. There were policemen all over the place, searching for us. We were part of a group called "SK," which stands for serial killers. I had recently joined in with the gang, and I was involved in crime scenes ever since. Our main objective was to kill a rich person in Room 64 of a tall building and steal all of his money. We were located about three feet across from that room, which two armed guards were protecting the door from strangers.

    "Wait here. I have an idea." The person who had spoken was Arion, a pro baseball player and a very sly and intelligent killer. He wore a bunny-shaped hat with a red and white striped shirt with torn black jeans. The light was shining on his badge, that said the letters "SK" on it. He has nice red Converse shoes by the way.

    I let him pass me and he walked towards the guards casually with a backpack and a baseball bat in his right hand. Hitting with the bat with his right hand can be deadly and fatal. The two men looked towards him.

    "Hey you!" one of the men shouted. "No trespassing! Move along!"

    Arion didn't budge. Instead, he got a baseball out of his backpack and threw the ball at him with his right hand. Hard in the head. The man suddenly fell, and he was not breathing anymore. His own blood was surrounding his own dead corpse.

    "Y-you!" the other man said hesitantly. "Y-you're sick in the head!"

    Arion did not respond back. Instead, he choked the man to the wall with his left hand, and with his other one, he swung his bat, with tremendous force. Bits of a head were flying all over the place, and he was covered in blood. I was always scared of him. Because he is always very savage and uncontrollable.

    "C'mon Violet, let's go!" he whispered loudly and used his bloody hand to signal me forward. I closed my eyes, and walked across the room full of gooey stuff and human corpses. I haven't gotten used to seeing blood and gore. As I stepped in the room with him, he stopped me and grabbed my hand. "Wait," he continued to speak. "There are lasers. You can't get pass them." And, there they were, the red thin lights that were reflecting from wall to wall.

    My comrade then took out a walkie-talkie and began commanding someone. "Ren, disable the lasers in the control room."

    Minutes later, the lasers disappeared, and we continued to walk ahead. We encountered a man with a brown beard and a black suit. He glanced at us, and we gazed back at him. "What do you want?" he asked.

    "Your money," Arion responded back, and he grabbed two red mini swords, which for an instant, the man's head fell from his neck. After the decapitation of his head, he told me to search the room for a key or code to unlock the nearby safe near the man's desk. This room is so small, so it must be easy. But a few minutes later, there was no key or code to be seen in sight.

    "I think he must've eaten it," I uttered out loud, but then I stopped with fear and realize what I had just said. Crap, now Arion is going to tear the body apart. And he actually did with his two mini swords. Too graphic to explain, he searched through the man's torso with his bare hands and grabbed a metal key. That is definitely overkill.

    Then he went to the safe and inputted the key and turned the lock. And it miraculously worked! He snatched the black, leather briefcase full of cash and told me that he would share some of the money to me when we get back to our secret headquarters. "Let's go," he commanded, and he started towards the wide window. He shattered the glass with another baseball from his backpack and connected a handle to a wire, creating a zip line. He handed me his hand. I took it and went closer to him.

    Suddenly, I was now hugging him as we slid down the wire with a single handle. I mean, I do not want to drop thirty feet down, but I somehow felt uncomfortable and covered in someone else's own blood.

    After the ride, he let go of me and pulled out the sewer drain, and we both hopped down and into a secret passageway towards our secret headquarters of SK. Hopefully, no one would find our hiding spot.