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    I was in yet another battle with the Houndour when the Fire/Dark type hit me with a Dark Pulse, causing me to cry out in pain as I fell to the ground, exhausted. The scientist shouted at me to get up, and I did so slowly, my entire body wracked with pain, not just from the Houndour's attack, but also from the numerous areas I'd been injected just before the battle. The Houndour, seeing me struggling, took the opportunity to shoot a Flamethrower at me, causing me to fall again and nearly black out. This time, the scientist threw my Pokéball at the wall, causing it to shatter, which released me. I didn't have time to feel happiness at being released, however, as the Houndour was coming back for another attack, and I was sure that I would be killed for sure this time. I didn't know that killing me wasn't the Houndour's intention. He merely wanted the battle to be over so he could get his praise yet again. Just as he fired off another Flamethrower, I heard a new voice from nearby.

    "Lu, use Aura Sphere!" the voice shouted, and a blast of smoke hit me as the two attacks collided, effectively stopping me from getting hit. I raised my head with what little strength I could muster and saw something that surprised me: standing in a battle stance in front of me was a Lucario. I assume it was the one who saved me from getting hit by the Flamethrower.

    "Lu, Close Combat!" the voice said, and the Lucario obeyed, hitting the Houndour multiple times with the move. In mere seconds, the Houndour was out cold, and I felt some small sense of relief that the battle was finally over, but before I could really relax, I felt someone touch me. I knew the touch of a human all too well, and even as exhausted as I was, I wasn't about to let another one touch me. A sudden burst of strength rushed through me as I got to my feet and fired off a Psychic attack at the human. To my surprise, however, this one didn't falter as most of the scientists did when I used Psychic. Instead, I could see a faint blue glow around him as something blocked my attack.

    "Take it easy, now, I'm not going to hurt ye," the man said, and although I could sense the sincerity in his words, I wasn't naïve enough to trust a human right away. I'd made that mistake one too many times with the scientists, and gotten hurt each time, so I was keeping my guard up this time. I felt a presence to my left, and looked to see the Lucario from before approaching the man.

    "Well done, Lu," the man said, the glow around him dissipating. The Lucario nodded before looking at me.

    He won't hurt you, it said, and I was surprised to hear a female voice from it. All he wants is to help, but he won't do it unless you let him.

    I don't want help from a human! I said, my mental voice laced with anger and fear as I spoke to her. It was humans that put me in the condition I was in, and I had no intention of letting a human try to make things worse.

    Please, you won't have the strength to get out of here on your own, the Lucario said. Just let us take you to get you some help for your injuries. After that, you're welcome to go where you wish, alright? I could hear the sincerity in her words, but I was still apprehensive around the man next to her. I could see a look in his eyes that I wasn't familiar with, and I couldn't help looking at his emotions. I was surprised to find no trace of hostility there, no trace of anger or malice. This wasn't something I was used to, and I didn't know what to make of it. I knew I wouldn't be able to get out of this lab on my own, as my breathing had grown heavy just from using that one Psychic attack on the human. My vision was beginning to blur, and I collapsed from exhaustion. Just before I hit the ground, I felt the human catch me. Despite how much I didn't want him to touch me, I blacked out before I could protest. I never felt him pick me up and cradle me against his chest as he rushed out of the lab.