• (This symbol # represents a location/time transition.)

    Page 1: The Weekend Begins.

    It’s afternoon times, and as usual, the sun’s beaming down its glow upon the land. Within the forest, in between its towering trees, is a freeway that stretches in a curve, connecting one distant place to another with its wide reach. The roads are clear, cars seem to not pass through this way very often. Walking along the skirts of the road is alone teenage boy, his name is Percy; he’s holding a note-book and looking it over carefully as he strolls nonchalantly. “I can’t find the square root, this is stupid!” he shouts to himself. And without turning around, he unzips a pouch on the side of his backpack, shoves the notebook inside, then zips it back. “Might as well just fail this test. Not like I have much of a choice though...” he sighs.

    The wind picks up a bit, and blows around the hanging bits of Percy’s doo-rag. “Should’ve brought my coat.” he says, shivering while rubbing his hands on his sleeveless shoulders. In the distance, behind Percy, a roaring engine can be heard. Percy glances back “Uh-oh, a fast one!” he smiles, “I’ll see it when it passes.” The roar gets closer, louder, and as it did, sirens and popping sounds began to emerge as well. “What the—”
    “YOU’LL NEVA CATCH ME ALIVE COPPAS!” a masked man yells from the passenger seat “No, literally.” He grabs onto the roof of the car, pulls half his body out the window, and sits on the seal. “Y’ALL WON’T BE ALIVE!” He reaches his hand inside the car, pulls out an automatic rifle, and unloads a flurry of bullets at the police cars trailing behind. “Bruh, by the way, we runnin’ out of gas.” another masked man, in the driver's seat, says. “WHAT?!” “It’s ‘ight, I got a plan, foo.”
    “—********?” Percy says. A red sports car, being tailed by a dozen police vehicles, speeds down the oncoming lane. In seconds, the sports car passes Percy, all while a garbage bag flies out the window, and smashes right into him. The bag’s impact sends Percy flying right into the forest. “WHAT DID YOU JUST DO!?” the masked passenger says. “Bruh, don’t worry.” “What the hell do you mean, ‘don’t worry’, you just threw what I worked for, out the goddamn window!” “Foo, it’ll be okay, stop trippin. I put this s**t together.” the masked driver says, then he nonchalantly looks over at the passenger, “I’m the glue!” The passenger grabs the drivers head, and forcefully turns it to the windshield, “Watch the road motha ********. THE ROAD!”

    Page 2: One in a Billion.

    # Percy is laid out in the dirt, on his back, with the garbage bag in his lap and his backpack a few feet away. The sun shines through the cracks of leaves up above, sprinkling the forest floor with spots and patches of sunlight scattered all about. His eyes begin to open, and they move left from right, scanning his surroundings. “Ah, my head.” he pulls himself up to a sitting position. “What happened?” he notices the garbage bag in his lap; there opening of the bag has come untied, but the contents inside are still unnoticeable. Percy opens it a bit more and takes a look inside. “No.” his eyes widen, “No way!” his nostrils flare. “MONEY!” birds are startled by the shout, and fly off. “MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!” he chants as he grabs bundles of hundred dollar bills out the bag. Suddenly he freezes up. “I got to get gone.” he throws the money back in the garbage bag, ties it up, jumps to his feet, and bolts off with it unnaturally fast.
    A front door bursts open “GRANDAD!” Percy yells, then slamming the door shut behind him. “What the— what the hell all that racket for, boy!?” Percy’s grandad, a sixty-something-year-old man, said as he jolts forward in his recliner. “I… I… I...” Percy says while walking over to the living room, where his grandad is. “You. You. You, what boy! Stop stutterin, you sound like a damn retard.” “S… Sorry. But grandad, I found—” “Z! Shows back on.” Percy looks at the T.V, then looks at his grandad, “But grandad!” “SHUT UP BOY! Don’t think you to old for an a** beaten now. Come up in my house hallern like a damn baboon.” Percy sighs. “What you say?!” “I didn’t say nothing.” “That’s what I thought. Now let me watch my show boy.” he throws his hand back, gesturing for him to leave the room. Percy shrugs and walks down into the hallway with the garbage bag.
    Percy goes into his bedroom, closes the door, then throws the garbage bag on his bed. He looks at the calendar on the wall, “March tenth.” he looks over at the digital clock on his T.V stand, “Three forty-five, PM.” he breathes in deeply. Then exhales thoroughly, “I am going to remember this day, for the rest of my life!” # The sun is setting, and through the cracks of the living rooms blinds all the colors of dusk are coming in this dimly lit room. Percy’s grandad turns the television off with the remote, grabs his white cane on the side of the recliner, then pulls himself up. He slowly walks, guiding himself into the hallway. Percy opens up his door, “Oh, hey, grandad.” “Hm?” he stops. “May I please go out to the mall?” “With whose money?” “Mine.” “HAHAHAHA!” his grandad bursts out into laughter. “Is that right? Well Mr. Banks, you may.” “Thanks.” Percy hugs his grandad, then walks toward the front door. “Percy.” his grandad said. “Yes?” “There’s a few dollas on the counter.” Percy looks over at the cash on the counter, and smiles, “Appreciate it.” his grandad nods, then continues down the hall to his room.

    Page 3: Let’s Go Shopping!

    # Dusk’s colors gracefully wash over the many assortments of vehicles in the parking lot. The lot’s main attraction and the only building is Edworth’s Mall. Entering from the building’s left wing’s automatic doors is Percy; inside, there are people all around, some going up escalators, some going and exiting different shops, and most of all, people walking about. At the entrance of the left-wing is a map of the mall posted on a wall in the middle of a walkway a few feet from the entrance. Percy approaches it and searches for where shops are according to his location. A group of five girls, coming from the right, are about to pass by Percy, one of the girls glances at him, and he at her. As they pass him by, she smiles, and he does too. They continue on their way, and he goes back to looking at the map. “Barber shop, here I come.” Percy says as he walks around the wall, going toward the escalators. #
    “So just the sides?” Hairy barber Joe asks Percy, as he guides him to the barber chair. “Yeah, and y’know, a fresh line.” Percy sits down. Hairy barber Joe throws a black cloth over Percy’s chest, “No doubt little negro. I’ll hook you up!” He starts up the electric clippers. # “Sir, this jersey alone is worth two hundred dollars. You’re trying to buy, sixteen. Are you sure you have enough funds?” said the Employee behind the counter. “I told you already, yes. Now ring up my damn clothes!” # Percy ties the laces up of a basketball shoe on his foot, and examines it for a bit while sitting down. “I’ll take two of each color, and some of those Guppi Sandals as well.” # Percy exits the luxury shoe shop with shopping bags in both his hands, looking like a brand new man. His hair is freshly cut, he’s sporting a fashionable basketball jersey, and it’s all tied together with designer jean shorts, knee socks, and sandals. His stomach growls, “Damn, all this shopping got me hungry.” # Percy walks his tray of food to a booth table in the mall food court. He sits down and begins to chow down.
    The same group of girls from earlier are walking past the food court, Percy notices them, ‘There’s Dijonay and her friends again.’ he thinks to himself. Percy then stands up, ‘I gotta get that number. No more pussying out!’ he begins his walk over to the girls, ‘Wait, I need to be cool about this.’ He puts some style in his step, and tilts his head up a bit as he starts to close in. “Yo, Dijonay.” Percy says. The girl that glanced his way earlier, turns around, “Percy?” Dijonay says, looking astonished. “Present.” “Wow. N-Nice clothes.” she swoops her hair out of her face. “O’ these old rags? Thanks. But you look better though.” he smiles, and she smiles back. “Well hey, I see you with your friends, and I don’t wanna intrude. So maybe I can get your number, for another time?” “Sure!” she reaches her hand in her small purse that’s hanging on her shoulder, and takes out a marker, “Do you have something I can write it on?” she says. ‘My heart!’ “My hand.” Percy holds out his palm. She giggles then write her phone number on his inner palm. “D!” a girl from the group calls out to her over at the food court. “Talk to you later.” she says.

    Page 4: When it Rains...

    # Back at the curved freeway from earlier, it’s dark, and the roads are just as empty as they were during the day. Parked on the side of the road and the forest is a black sedan with its high beams on. “Man I can’t ********’ see in this s**t!” Rodney, a familiar voiced man said, as he searched around the dirt and trees. “******** you threw it, so can you can find it too.” Apatchy scoffed, leaning on the sedan as he watches Rodney. “You could least admit my idea was smart tho.” “It wasn’t. Not even a little.” “Cops stopped chasing us tho.” “They stopped chasing, cuz I capped em’ all you idiot.” Apatchy opens the door to the car, and gets inside, “Y’know what, just leave me alone until you find the bag man.” He turns on the radio. “You’re tuned in to: POWER 99! The Jam station.” a deep voice on the radio says. “Waz good err body out there, it’s yo boy, Luda, the man with the hottest tracks.” music starts to fade in under his voice “Speaking of hot tracks, here’s a new one from the boy DJ QUIK! You’z a Gangxta.” “Oh no, It’s ninety-eight y’all.”
    Rodney walks a bit deeper into the forest, scanning around with his eyes, searching for something. He trips, “AH!” and falls face-first in the dirt. He looks back at what tripped him up, and it's a backpack, “The hell?” he grabs it, unzips it, and looks inside. Apatchy is still chilling in the passenger seat of the car, taking puffs of a joint as the car's speakers bump so loud, the entire car vibrates. He blows out a ring of smoke from his mouth, then giggles a bit. A hand taps his shoulder from outside the car, he flinches back while reaching to the side of his waist. Rodney uses his other hand to turn off the radio, “Bruh, it’s me. Chill.” “WHAT THE ******** *****!” Apatchy breathes heavily “DON’T BE SNEAKIN’ UP ON ME! Almost got blasted *****.” “What?” “I was about to pull my g… Never mind. Did you find it?” “No.” Apatchy turns the music back on. Rodeny turns it off, then he grabs something off the roof, and shows it to Apatchy, “I found this.” “A backpack?” “Yeah.” Apatchy turns the radio back on. Rodney turns it off. “I didn’t steal a ******** backpack.” Apatchy says. “I know, bruh. But look.” he pulls something out of the backpack, “I know who took our money.” he says holding up an ID, with Percy’s picture. The clouds roar, then rain pours down. “Get in the car.” Apatchy says with a devilish grin.
    A front door spontaneously swings open from a forceful kick. # “What the hell?” What the hell?” Percy’s grandad hops out of bed. # Rodney steps inside the house and goes straight through the living room to the hallway. Then Apatchy, armed with a shotgun, makes way behind him. Rodney kicks Percy’s grandad's door in, then he runs in and grabs his grandad by the shirt and holds him up against the wall. Apatchy walks into the room, then cocks the shotgun. “Tell us where Percy is.” Apatchy says. “OR ELSE OLD *****!” Rodney shouts in his face. # A gunshot echoes from within the house, lightning strikes a tree, then more gunshots follow.ckpack a few feet away...

    (That's all for now folks!)