• Rose held the phone to her ear, voice soft as she spoke to the other person on the line. “Yeah, I told you I’ll was going to do it, don’t worry-“

    Without a warning her phone was snatched from her grasp, and held just above her reach, followed by stifled laughter. “What the ********? I was on a call!”

    “Then get it shorty.” Syaoran flashed his fangs with the grin he sported, and his yellow eyes shined with delight. It reminded Rose of Miyuki when she’s about to hunt down her prey during a full moon. And in a way it made her a bit uncomfortable forcing her to play his game.

    Damn, werewolves.

    She reached out towards her phone only to have it be pulled back further away, setting off another round of giggles. “Stop being an d**k, Syao!” She continued to reach for it failing each time.

    “You’re cute when flustered.” He smirked, wolf ears starting to form on his head, body more hunched over, more intimidating. Rose narrowed her eyes for a few moments, silence came over both of them as they stared at one another. One annoyed, the other amused. Then she sighed letting the tension release with her breath, and turned to leave.

    Syaoran stood there a bit dumbfounded, phone still suspended in the air. Was she just going to leave? Was his fun over, that’s a bummer.

    When he heard how feisty Rose was from his sister he was ready to start some fights, but this wasn’t what he expected. He was honestly hoping for more-


    His head snapped back with the force of Rose’s fist, forcing him to stumble a few steps back, but her phone was still clutched in his grasp.

    When he regained his balance he growled, teeth sharp, tainted with blood from biting his lip open. Rose held her fists up, a nasty look on her face. “Give me back my phone, a*****e.”

    This was what he was waiting for what he was anticipating. Rolling his neck from one side to the other, lowering his stance, imitating a wolf about to pounce. Syaoran returned the nasty look, “Miyu ordered us not to kill each other, but I was always bad at following rules.”