• Subject: Human Biology
    Organ Subject: Brain

    The human brain. A fine subject to analyze. Scientists have only the knowledge of the basic main functions, as well as some complex functions, but such information is limited. There is so much of our brains we do not know how to control, what it's purpose is for, and why we have it. As a young pupil, I knew our basic science class did not teach us everything, and frankly, never would. For those who have gone into the medical and scientific fields of work, they learn the complexities in what they are majoring in in more descriptive detail. In the medical field, they have harnessed the technology of robotics to simulate human patients with a number of conditions, including blood transfusions and birth to name some.

    They have even simulated tears with a robotic child patient. In the dentistry field, they have made robotic patients as well. But the question is if we could harness the technology to recreate the human brain in one of these AI simulated patients with full operational capacity of all basic and complex human functions. If this is achieved successfully without complete and total failure, we could follow this achievement with the human organs such as the heart, intestines, lungs, liver, etc. Then we would have a fully functional artificial human body with every organ, muscle, and limb in operation successfully.

    But there would be the question of these artificial people taking over our jobs and industries, putting us out of work. The question of these artificial people taking over the world as some more nervous people among us suggest. The natural human response to anything such as advanced as this is fear and suspicion, distrust even. But there are those of us who have a particular interest and curiosity with this subject. The future cannot be told, whatever medium foretells us of such things. It is just the desires of predicting and the want to know of what is to come.

    As an educated pupil, I cannot predict, nor foretell anything. I simply have the mutual curiosity so many others have about whether we will in fact have a fully functional AI robotic being in the far future. We are still advancing. Some say it will be our downfall. Others say it would bring the world into prosperity. Many have their own opinions and suggestions on this testy topic.

    If we were to have such advancements made, it could be possible it would rule out all animal testing. None would be needed, and of course, shouldn't be needed at all due to its cruelty. We would then have the potential to test medicines on these robotic individuals to cure sicknesses and possibly find out new information on diseases and ways to find cures for a number of things. It would make things more efficient, and tasks less of a burden to researchers. By then, I, and those of you reading this article, will be gone. It takes time to progress in such a vast amount of time.

    To conclude this analytical article, I give you my good word and bid you safe travels among these troubling times. For those of you who have questions to better understand the article, kindly ask and your questions will be answered. Any rude, crude, or profane comments will be ignored, as I do not have the time, nor the patience to go through such rubbish.