• It was a Sunny day last June 30, 2008( Monday ),
    Everyone is practicing hard, sweat covered the whole classroom.
    Our section never experienced being a grand champion on a contest,
    so we did all our best..
    Before the contest started, our section gathered in the church,
    Praying to achieve something.
    It is really hard to achieve something in our school since all of the other sections are doing smoothly and well, so we did it the harsh way.
    And yet the contest started, (July 1, 2008 Tuesday 11am-3pm)
    Everyone is trembling, our costumes are well prepared.
    The other sections are now called and performing! We paid good attention to them,
    Gosh! They are all good! We are the 4th ones to be called and it's the 3rd section performing, The pressure is still on and getting worst!
    The 3rd section finished, it's now our turn to participate,
    my legs are shaking and wont stop, everyone is like me too,
    we are on backstage, we have an opening act before our dance.
    I was shocked and inspired by my 2 friends who acted the opening act.
    after the opening act came in our dance, to my surprise my legs stopped trembling.
    All my classmates are doing good and i cant stand it losing in competitions 6 years straight! I gave it my best shot and so as the others!
    we finished performing and gladly we did it well!
    the other sections are performing... a while later the contest finished, we were given a 5 minute break.
    This is where the tension raised,
    the judges calculated all the scores...
    Suddenly someone started announcing,
    My heartbeat is going wild,
    the 3rd placer was announced, it was section Annunciation.
    Waah!! My heartbeat is going wilder and wilder!
    The 2nd is Ascension , one of the toughest and unbeatable section.
    And the Grand Champion is.......our section!!! CORONATION!!
    Everyone started jumping, screaming..
    And for the 1st time, our performance was so much loved and they requested to repeat it once more.. Everyone's crying, the unison of our steps and the blend of music with it is so beautiful,..
    It was a day to remember,..It's all worth it!