• I am the type to go both ways,
    I kept my cool all those days...
    Or so I think now that I look back..
    All my life I've been a bit of a quack...
    Graduating in June... I can't believe it..
    I remember when I got my first zit..
    Screamed and cried as they tried to pop,
    And then the zits just didn't stop..
    Ninth grade I was all alone..
    Sitting in the dark.. No lamp at my foster home..
    I was scared... No guiding light..
    Sun went down I said goodnight..
    Tenth grade year I was the freak..
    Not to mention dating a geek..
    He broke my heart and left me shattered..
    No one asked what was the matter..
    I loved and laughed with all my friends..
    Then moved yet again..
    Southern Columbia was sort of a blast..
    They whooped Bloomsburg's Football Sass,
    Eleventh grade again all alone..
    Talking to loved ones.. and crying on the phone..
    Moved again about half through..
    Met the love of my life.. and clung to him like glue..
    We're still together even to this day..
    I remember how we met.. on the bus... second week in..
    He pulled my arm, trying to get me to his seat...
    I was petrified.. but he was really neat..
    I knew from the second he would be mine..
    I asked him out on myspace.. Mine, my Valentine
    With me 'til the end of time..
    He left this October, gone far away...
    But after my graduation.. He's mine and he'll stay..
    Forever mine.. yet I moved away from where we met..
    But he'll find me.. me, his lost pet..
    And We'll live happily ever after... with no end..
    My lover... and my best friend... <3