• It was the second day of school and my best mate thought this older boy was really cute. She told me that he was cute and one of his mates overheard, the boys mate pointed to my bestmate and shouted she thinks you cute. My friend blushed really bad and to make that worse, the boys girlfriend came over too her and said

    "look hunny, i know hes cute but hes taken sorry, oh i think you over did your blusher"
    Hahaa it was so funny, i had to hide my laughing by my bag. My friend however thought not and smacked me on the head with her bag.

    Another story:

    One older lad kicked a soccer ball at me and it hit me on my butt and shouted really loud. I looked behind to find all the boys were on the floor in fits of giggles. I got really embarased and went to my bestmate and gave her a hug. Then suddely they kicked another soccer ball and it hit my friend straight in the face and she had the ball print on her face. Ouch

    we have some good times