• ''Come follow me home.'' That may sound like a shady thing to say, but what I'm trying to say is, follow this path I take, towards our true home, our home of curiosity and adventure, because there's a reason we ask so many questions about people, about things that's going on, and many more things. We're not just interviewers, well not ordinary ones but we do fall into that category, but you should know that we've seen amazing things and frightening things, we've traveled to special places that only people like us could ever find in a billion years and risk ourselves to reach our destination and goal. For us, humans that is, we never have a final goal or destination, even in death, our soul continues to live on and only a new destination has been set and a new goal we must reach, but for those who finally reach their highest, can finally say,'' I'm home."

    So come follow me home and from there, we're at the peak off finishing our endless quest for knowledge and curiosity.