• The cave by Mackenzie lowe

    I walked along a path in a dark wood thinking about my life. feeling as if I was missing something although I did not know what or how I became so engrossed in my thought the world seemed to slip a way and when I finally wrestled it back I found myself staring into the opening of a giant cave. I stared into it and I could not see more than a few feet in before pitch black. I tried to remember if anyone had ever heard of this cave because it looked rather large and I did not recall anyone ever talking about it. I simply shrugged and went to turn around and go back to ask someone to see no path in my wake. Not even any broken branches or symbols I had come that way. I thought to myself that it was strange and then It dawned on me I was lost with no path or clue as to where I was. Still I guessed I could find my way back. I began walking in the direction I believed I have came from but stopped and looked back at the cave. I though to myself one more time about how no one knew of this cave. All of the sudden all I wanted to do was go inside. I realized I would not be able to see anything and I had nothing for cave exploring and almost walked away again but there was something…. Magnetic for lack of a better phrase about the cave. Almost like what I was previously thinking about… what I was missing was inside. So I took a deep breath and began my journey inside. I was soon enveloped in darkness I could not see where I was going but I continued to walk steadily not running into any walls or rocks. In fact it was almost like walking on nothing. After a minute or two of walking I figured this cave could go on forever and turned around to find…… nothing. I was in shock I had not walked that far and I had not taken any turns how could I not see the entrance? Even in my shock I was oddly not frightened considering the circumstances. So I simply proceeded in my quest although that was now to find the exit. As I walked something felt weird. It took me only a few more steps to realize what it was. I could hear no footsteps. Not my own. I stomped my foot and… nothing. Well at least I think I stomped my foot because I then realized I could not feel it hit the ground! At this point I began to panic and spin around franticly. At least I think I was I could not tell. Then an idea occurred to me if I shouted for help maybe someone would hear me. I proceeded to open up my mouth and let out a cry and….. Nothing. At this point I completely panicked and scrambled around aimlessly hopeing to make a sound or touch something besides myself. After several minuets of futile effort I began to weep even though I made no sound nor could I feel myself crying. I fell to my knees fell down on the floor and felt nothing it was the most odd feeling I ever encountered. I thought for a very brief moment maybe I had fallen down a hole and that’s why I could not feel the ground but quickly that “hope” for an explanation vanished when I realized I would feel and hear the wind rushing around me if that where true. Minuets passed or hours I could not tell in this. Before I pulled myself together and decided to move onward. I began to feel as if I was here for a purpose maybe as if I had to find something before I could leave. So I walked on. I was neither hungry nor full, tired nor hyper, thirsty nor quenched, I felt nothing and I walked on. Minutes passed. Then hours. Then days. I began to think maybe this is the after life and I am now cursed to forever walk in nothingness and feel nothing. Minuets passed. Then hours. Then days. Then months. It had been so long since I had touched something or heard anything or tasted anything I had forgotten what those things where like. Days passed. Then months. Then years. I began to feel as if maybe nothing exists. Somehow everything was erased….. No wait. Nothing was erased nothing was ever there it was all an illusion. A dream. And this was the reality always wanting something. Anything. But you can never have this made the most sense. Minuets, hours, days, months, years, and then decades. There is no telling how long it has actually been. I may have gone crazy and it could have only been 5 minuets there is no way of knowing. Minuets hours days months years. Minuets hours days months years minuets hours days months years decades scores 4 of them to be exact maybe 7 more years. No wait 3 years and one was a leap year adding another day plus a week or two if e does in fact equal mc squared but that’s not the point another 20 minutes…. never mind it was only 5 minuets. Or was it? And then I stopped. Dead in my tracks after all this time I had figured it out. I knew where I was and why I was there. I stomped my foot and heard nothing. Because before this I had done nothing worth hearing. I stomped my foot again and heard a clack. I touched the ground and felt nothing. Because before this I was an empty shell. No emotions. I had felt nothing. I touched the ground again and felt it. It was cold against my fingertips. Lastly I looked around and saw nothing. So I closed my eyes. I thought to myself. I see nothing because how can someone who was as empty as I was see anything. I opened my eyes and the exit of the cave was before me. I did not rejoice. I meerly walked away from it looking around at the world from a different view. When I returned I soon learned I had only been gone on the total trip for an hour. others talked to me and I greeted them. They asked me if something was wrong because I was acting very differently I simply said “I have simply been given new life” and walked away.

    Authors notes:
    This story was my personal experience. Its been a few years since it happened. I wrote it and am telling you about it because I don’t want anyone to give up hope. If you are I hope you find your cave. I found mine. Your cave will be a scary thing that you wont understand. It can be an event or a religion or even a person. Your cave will get you thinking and change your life around. Heck maybe this will even be your cave and if it is then I am happy to have helped but point is don’t give up. I still feel as if something’s missing I don’t know what or when I will find it but im confident I will and that’s all that matters to me so I hope I have helped and if you didn’t need nor care about that aspect I hope you enjoyed my little story even though it was pretty weird I must say in any case thanks for reading

    oh and i put this on gaia cause idk i dont know if its good or not and im really looking for feedback so please tell me if its crappy and be honest though i know you will