• AHHH... High school.

    Great memories...
    I went to a school called, The English Biscuit.
    It was...... something.

    Well since my parents are OBSESSED with British people,
    they sent me to a (what they thought anyway) A High-Class school,
    so I could get a :High Class" education.
    YOU KNOW WHAT I GOT? A shitty public school where all I can hear
    24/7 from the Bathroom is: " 'Ello young dame, grab my crumpets and suck them before I whack the wanker outta you! "
    Yeah. The teachers do it in the bathroom.
    How attractive.

    Even worse is that I BARELY GOT AN EDUCATION.
    Class starts. Kids chuck teacher out window. Anarchy. Class Period ends. AND REPEAT.
    It was like one of those cheesy, 90's kid movies where they end up creating mayhem and doing whatever they want...

    Now, of course, your probably why I didn't tell my parents about all this and just stayed at the school... AND NO, IT'S NOT BECAUSE I MET SOME HOT CHICK I WANNA BANG LATER!
    No more okay, people... Get original.

    Anyway... It's because some kid was paying me 100$ a day for a Twinky because he believed me when I said, after waving the Twinky around my crotch and squishing out the gooey white inside, "I HAVE A THE TASTIEST TWINKY IN THE WORLD!"
    So now he eats a Twinky from me everyday for a 100$ he steals from his rich daddy.

    Like I said those were the good days. The days making me a Millionare.

    Thanks Fatty!