• Ok I really gotta GET this out of my system cause I just saw a group of threads talking about how much they hate Asia or Asians are all emos or they're all ******** ugly. really I'm starting to get pissed off here stressed don't even start with the small Pe*** thing or I swear to GOD I will grab an AXE and start hacking someone to pieces scream evil

    Thats what I hate about dense minded people like that, they always ******** think that if one person of a certain group does this or that, lets say, is a GEEK they Assume they all are....really??? WTF so what the guy loves Education or hes just trying to make his parents happy, cause I'm a geek I love all sorts of education (physical activities are included as Education) And I'm doing this all to make my parents happy and they don't punish me if I get low grades, they just want me to do my best in school.

    Buts thats not what I'm pissed off at, I don't mind being called a geek its more of a compliment really, just using it as an example
    what I'm really pissed off at is what people assume all Asians are, which I have listed on my first paragraph.

    Really?...come on people if its just an Opinion on what you think of Asians I really don't care, But if you say all Asians are the same...heres some new buddy....NOBODY IS THE SAME! scream , everyone is different no one will ever be the same, everyone has a different past, talent, taste, personality EVERYTHING is Different you may find some that are the same, but thats a rarity does not happen very often or found often either way ya wanna say it

    Jeez I had to get that out of my system stare