• Entry Two:Feathery Mess

    Ok I admit that I forgot to do this.But that last entry was halarious.I guess.It's your dang opinion!

    Ok this started BEFORE 'Trainers,Tamers,and dogs'.It all started when I went to a tree that Nazaret,robert,and mari were at.They were talking about something.Then HE came up,and saw a dead bird.Or it's feathers.

    He or robert said,"Dare me to touch it?" We all nodded,then he or robert said,"With my mouth?" I held back the laughter.And yes we all nodded.He went away.Then it went down.We all went to it.

    Then robert got a stick and poked it.Then he said,"Back away let me fart on it"We all laughed like crazy.After like 3 or 2 more times he did it he did something else.He got a dead leaf and then put it down.We laughed really hard.I just shouted,"Oh my gosh!You gave birth to a feather/leaf!"

    Then he got the stick again the feather moved.We backed away a little.Then when it was near the tree but kinda in the middle of two.Robert shouted,"HEY CEASER!"Then Ceaser Came."I dare you to touch it"Robert said.

    He DID.I was kinda grossed out 'cause I thought it was the back feathers.A.K.A. the butt.Oh yeah and it's not JUST the feathers!I think it was Poo.Bird poo,Or mud,because there was brown stuff...Eww....

    Then our teacher told us to stay away from the feathers.So we did.On the way while walking out,some were playing football.And we ran into some of it's feathers.Well I saw 2 or 1 feather(s).

    Yeah that was funny,gross,and...mayhem.I guess.So yeah after this,they did something then it went to there the first entry!