• The world has become more materialistic because of money. Money can take you around the world; it gets you things and people to do your work for you. People who hold money are considered powerful, yet still vulnerable. The money can be stolen or destroyed instantly. But life does not end where wealth does, and neither does it begin at the same time. Money isn’t life.

    Money can’t buy you a family; money can get you companions, but no true friends. You can pay people to sit with you, but you can’t pay them to love and accept you. Money can get you an education, but it can’t give you the knowledge. All this is your own quest.

    However, the world has grown so materialistic that even the most loving person cannot live on love alone. Food, water, clothes and shelter are needed, and only money can get them. To earn success in life, you need money for education. You need money for a good home if you want a happy family. Money is needed at some point for anyone’s dreams and ambitions. It has become our security blanket.

    Money is important, but it is not the foundation of life. It is important—much too important that values of home have been lost beneath the glow of money…