• Walking quietly down the hall, Lyla weeps silently over the death of Yori and Ryo. The only sounds Layla hears, are the chains making a metallic sound, that moves and shifts with her body. Also barely hearing the guards, conversation over the chains.
    "Should we tell the prisoner about the servant boy?" asked one of the guards.
    "No. Just stick to the plan and keep your big mouth shut!"replied the other guard. "As long as the prisoner does not know about the plan, everything is okay. So, shut your mouth and keep walking." Suddenly Lyla collapses of fatigue, the lost of her lovers, and a great amount of blood lost from her wound, finally catching-up to her.
    As Ryo walks out of the shadows of the hall, the soldiers stiffen in fear of what the Ryo's punishment will be, for them.
    "At ease men. I am only here for the girl," explained Ryo, while picking up Lyla, and cradling her, in his arms. "Next time you mention anything about Yori or the plan in front of Layla, I will punish the both of you and make you both an example of lose-lips. Good day, gentlemen." Taking the chains, from the guards and started walking into the dark hallway. The dumb founded guards saw Ryo engulfed by the darkness, the guards ran back to the barracks in fear.

    As a beam of bright sunshine hits Lyla's face, she stirs. She tries to shake the bright light off her face, but instead, strands of thick, long, locks of light brown hair falls upon her face. When Lyla tries to roll on her other side, she notices that she is caught in an unbreakable embrace. Lyla notices that the arms, are strong and muscular. She tries to wiggle free, but the arms tighten around her. Making Lyla move closer, to the sculpted body that was closely behind her. The body stirs, and moves the girl even closer to the sculpted body, were a single hair separates the two bodies. The girl feels the heat from the body behind her. She notices that her whole body is pressing against the unknown, but familiar body. Also the strong, muscular arms are tightly wrapped around her, and never letting go, any time soon. Lyla feels the body's head tilt against her neck, and a gentle nose, lightly rubbing, her soft, gentle skin. The body lets out a light groan, for a moment and begins to speak,
    "Yuki, please don't leave. Not yet at least. I missed you, not being by my side." The tired, deep, rich voice startles Lyla awake. Her body goes stiff and rigged, her breathing becomes fast and irregular. Lyla's eyes go big, bulging and wide at the sound of the voice. Her thoughts run wild, with emotion. A tear escapes from her wild, blazing, bewitching, crystal-glass blue eyes. Knowing that Ryo is alive, Lyla hopes that Yori is also alive and well.

    As the low raising of the sun, Lyla jumps to her feet in a hurry, and dashes across the roof tops of the small village. While racing against the sun, Lyla tries to find a reason of thinking of that horrible night, millenniums ago. She runs as fast as she could, but the slick angled, clay roof shingles, makes Lyla's footing hard to place. As the heat of Layla's robes, she jumps off the roof, that faces sideways of her front door. Lyla lands softly against the dusty, dry, hard land without a rock between her toes. Still racing against the sun, Lyla skips the front steps, and slams the front door wide open. Just as the sun raises half way up, in the blended coloured sky, Lyla slams her bedroom door shut.
    As the last sliver of the golden sun, raises up from the land, Lyla screams in pain, and blacks out. The pain of the needle injection, of long ago, by Ryo.
    "As long as I am alive, this injected curse will not effect you," told Ryo, holding the needle up near his head. The fire's blazing, red light against the pitch black of the dark night. The reflection of the fire, against Ryo's face, put shivers down Lyla's spine. The fierce anger and rage, in his voice and in his facial expression, Lyla slowly tries to get up, but was shoved back down to the ground, by Ryo's strong foot. "Stay down, you filthy girl. I had a wife and child. Yuki and my unborn child are dead, because of you."
    Snapping back into consciousness, Lyla notices the pain in her left shoulder, in a low hum of pain and that she is in her curse form; Yuki, the Hight Priestess, of the village. Protector, defender and of the rulers of Bloody Rose.