• Mom: Get your summary finished now... Get off the damn computer and listen to me!

    Me:What?! God, yes I will!

    Mom: Then get to it.

    Me: I don't have to...

    Mom: Oh? And why is that?

    Me: Because I'm a total vampire rock star *smile at smart remark*

    Mom: A what? How do you come up with these weird things. I bet its from all those books you're reading.

    Me: Partially from books I guess...

    Mom: What do you mean by that then?

    Me: *sighs angrily* Let me start from the beginging... One day me and stacey (best vamp friends... I kow we're weird as Hell.) will rule the world. We will enslave evil albino bunnies to eat peoples brains out. And I guesss some where along the line we become vampires... There...

    Mom: *crickets* But your human now so get it done NOW.

    Me: *turns around in compter chair and glares at my mom* Fine. This time only. But mark my words, when I am a vampire I will bite your head off.

    *stalks away agrily to my room*

    *Mom watches confused but satisfied... I hope she is... it took all my will power not to shout at her.*

    I know I'm a brat ^_^ I'm only 13, so see where i'm coming from? I've been a serious vampire hugger (get it ^_^, inside joke -.-) since i was 8, and Iv have a 'VAMPIERS RULE' sign on my wall since.