• "The sky above you shall become black. And you shall be pierced by the blackness that loomed over your head. And you shall--" at that moment thunder cracked through the dark sky above.

    Shishimoru waited a minute in a puzzled look till he grew impatient and asked the the physic "What is gonna happen?" "What shall happen to me?"

    The physic looked at Shishimoru blankly, then back at her crystal ball and back at Shishimoru. "Sorry Lord Shishimoru, but the seeing disappeared and I can't seem to get it back."

    Shishimoru looked at the physic agitated, but quickly calmed down. "It's okay Flo. It ain't your fault anyways. It's that damn thunder. I should Just quiet that damn noise." Shishimoru said with a bit or irritation in his voice.

    The surprising thing is that Shishimoru actually had the ability to do such a thing. See he isn't a mere mortal like you may think. He is actually a pure blooded vampire. Pure blooded vampires are basically as strong as gods. And their beauty could tempt any human. While their voices were beautiful when they spoke, when they sang it was like a chorus of angels. And Shishimoru's appearance made him look like a god. Since in the kingdom he lived in he was the only person with long flowing silver hair down to his waist, with blood-stained black eyes, and his flawless skin distracted people from those demon like eyes of his. His attire was unbelievable but it still allowed him to blend in mostly. He had a pair of baggy black Samurai pants with a golden thread engraving of a dragon at the bottom of each leg of the pants. he had light chain mail under his black kimono that also has golden thread engravings of dragons on the end of each sleeve and a giant golden dragon on the back of the Kimono. And hidden under his pants was gilded boots and under his kimono an ancient black katana. This katana of his was passed Down in his family since the beginning of time and was forged out of an ancient rock that is both unstretchable and unbreakable. And with all this he was still able to blendd in since his current occupation was Kyoto, Japan in feudal times. So everyone was walking around in kimonos and with swords. So Shishimoru blended in pretty well, the only thing that made him stick out was his huge mansion on the outskirts of Kyoto.

    Shishimoru pondered over the thought to shut up the thunder for a bit, but in the end he decided to let it be since if would have brought up suspicions if he silenced the thunder, and he knew he would have to leave Kyoto if that happened. So he just let the thought disappear from his mind. But there was one thing that wouldn't leave his mind, and that was Flo's unfinished prediction. "Could that prediction have been a prediction of my death?" he thought out loud.

    "I am afraid that I don't know Lord Shishimoru." Flo said with an apologetic tone.

    Shishimoru sighed, but quickly told Flo when he saw that she was mad at herself for not being able to finish the prediction that it was okay and that there was nothing to worry about.

    "Don't beat yourself up about it Flo. I am sure that the prediction has a good ending." he lied trying to cheer Flo up a little. The truth was that he had a gut feeling that Flo's prediction was predicting his death. He grimaced at the thought, and after snapping back to reality he realized that Flo was still in the room starring at him. So he stood up and walked over to Flo.

    "It was a pleasure to have your company today Flo. But you probably should be getting home."

    "yea, your right Lord Shishimoru." she said hiding her sadness for not being able to complete her prediction and for leaving the beautiful and wonderful company of her Lord Shishimoru.

    "Hey Flo."

    "Yes, my lord?"

    "Same time next week." he said with a smile that showed her that he couldn't wait for her company again next week.

    "Yes my Lord." she said with a wide smile till the doors closed behind her and she gave a giant smile with great enthusiasm and anticipation.

    After Flo left the room Shishimoru was left alone in the giant den of his surrounded by books,. He knelt on the floor and took out his black katana which he nicknamed "Fenrir". He laid "Fenrir" in front of him and stood up to walk to the second book shelf and pulled out a book about 200 pages long. He knelt back down in front of "Fenrir" and opened the book and began to read the books contents. when he finished skimming through the book he went back to the book shelf and put the book back where it was. With an agitated tone he asked himself "Where did I put that damn book?" Shishimoru began scanning the shelves looking for the book. He finally found the book in only a few seconds. "There you are you damn book."

    Shishimoru pulled out a book that read Bingo book. He began skimming through the pages of the book, and as he skimmed through the book it read: General Zhao- Eliminated, General Hayate- Eliminated, General Hyabusa- Eliminated, General Sakura- Eliminated, General Kazuki- Eliminated, General Mitsurugi-Eliminated, General Shino- Eliminated, General Kiba- Eliminated, General Auron- Eliminated, General Kenshin- Eliminated..... then Shishimoru got to the last page of the bingo book and on that page the information was unpleasant. The page read Shinobu: Occupation- unknown, age- unknown, height- unknown, status- alive. Shishimoru was upset by this information, since it gave no information then that the target was alive. out of his own memory from the 365 years he had been alive he heard that Shinobu was a respected veteran who has an army of 10,000 soldiers in his own little country somewhere in Japan if he didn't move. So Shishimoru decided to try to dig up some information on this Shinobu man. After a day or research he found out that Shinobu lived in Tokyo Japan with not 10,000 soldiers but 20,000 soldiers guarding him and as well as that he was 60 years old and was about 6 ft tall with short grey hair and was way out of shape. Shishimoru grinned at his final target's information and whispered with a bit of pride "This is gonna be fun." he let out a quick smile and in a split second he was out of the den and into the cellar of his mansion till he realized he "Fenrir" so he rushed back to the den to grab "Fenrir" from the ground and ran back to the cellar. There Shishimoru tied "Fenrir" to his waist and gathered up some gold and his black cloak and rushed on of his mansion and toward Tokyo. All the time during the journey Shishimoru kept thinking about the unfinished prediction. He began thinking out loud not slowing his pace down even a bit. "I wonder if I will die tonight....... I mean tomorrow night. " he corrected when he saw the sun come up behind the mountains and trees he sped by . Shishimoru began thinking of the things the darkness could represent. He kept thinking not being able the figure out what it could be and if he could live through it.

    When Shishimoru finally reached Tokyo he still hadn't figured the prediction out and decided to rest from his journey and to also try once again at solving the prediction. So he finds the nearest inn and rents a room. Shishimoru opens the door to his room to see an empty room with one window, a table in the middle of the room, and a mat to sleep on in the corner. He walks to the table and kneels down in front of it and unties "Fenrir" and places the katana on the table. Then he begins pondering on the prediction as his stamina quickly returns to him. When he was fully rested he tied "Fenrir" back on his waist and heads out of the room and out of the inn. Then he begins searching for Shinobu's mansion. He finally finds it after hours of searching. It is already dark by the time Shishimoru makes it to the front door. He spent the rest of the night scanning the mansion's grounds. By the time he was done it was already daylight and he had the complete layout of the mansion's grounds. The mansion's grounds where shaped in a cross with 3 small courtyards on the north, west, and east, while the south was like 2 of the courtyards put together. And there were about 19,000 soldiers outside and 1,000 inside.

    Shishimoru leaped over the fence and began his assassination of Shinobu. Shishimoru stealthily ran past all the soldiers without being noticed and into the mansion. From there he was like a shadow in the mansion, he wasn't seen and wasn't heard. He made it though the mansion and to Shinobu's throne room.There he saw Shinobu on this throne talking to a soldier of his. Shishimoru could see that Shinobu was guarded by about 40 soldier in the room. He decided to do this gracefully but before he could come out of the shadows Shinobu's voice broke his concentration.

    "You can come out from hiding you little assassin."

    "How you know I was here?" Shishimoru said with a chuckle as he walked out of the shadows startling the soldiers. Two soldiers charged at Shishimoru with their swords drawn, and in their samurai armor. When they got to Shishimoru they swung their swords at him with all their force, but he was gone in a second and appeared behind the two soldiers and sliced both their heads off with one swing from "Fenrir". When Shishimoru turned to face Shinobu again both heads fell to the floor and both bodies collapsed to the ground with blood squirting out from the remainder of their necks on their bodies. All the soldiers were shocked but dashed to make a barrier between Shishimoru and Shinobu. As Shishimoru took a step closer to Shinobu two more soldiers charged at Shishimoru but this time they weren't decapitated instead they had their arms sliced off by "Fenrir" when they missed just like the other two soldiers. They sank to the ground screaming in agony until "Fenrir" stabbed both in the chest silencing the screams as abruptly as they came. And as soon as he took another step closer to Shinobu all the soldiers began charging at him. Shishimoru killed every soldier that came after him by decapitations, limb cuts, and heart piercings. There was only one soldier left between Shishimoru and Shinobu. He stood their shaking in his stance staring into a god's eyes compared to him. Stupidly the young shaky soldier charged at Shishimoru and was cut in half by "Fenrir" before he got to Shishimoru.

    Shinobu looked at his massacred soldiers in a crimson pool of each others blood then looked at the killer in front of him. Shinobu stood up from his throne and whispered something that Shishimoru didn't hear. And suddenly Shinobu disappeared and the mansion was gone. Shishimoru began searching for the reason behind this trickery till his eyes found a dark figure dressed up in ninja attire. Then Shinobu appeared from behind him and smiled as his archers surrounded the boundary where the mansion was.

    "Kill him, NOW!" commanded Shinobu.

    The second the command was given the archers began the assault on Shishimoru and the sky blackened for a minute or two until the blackness which blackened the sky came upon Shishimoru piercing through the sky. Shishimoru stared at the arrows as they got closer and closer, then remembering the prediction he sank to the ground kneeling and bowing his head to the ground covering his whole body with his black cloak. When all the arrows came down and there was none left in the sky the soldiers, Shinobu, and the ninja stared at the area where Shishimoru was and smiled thinking they won till Shishimoru stood and pulled off his cloak and kimono throwing them aside with all the arrows stuck in the hidden metal plates in the cloak. In the sun with "Fenrir" in hand Shishimoru looked like an angelic warrior with his chain-mail armor with a metal chest plate that was white with a golden dragon insignia on its front and with his skin shining in the sunlight.

    Blinded by the glow the soldiers covered their eyes which was a grave mistake they realized when it was too late as Shishimoru began cutting them in half and decapitating them. Shishimoru killed the army of 19,960 soldiers in only a few minutes, Until the clouds blocked the sun and only showed him, Shinobu, and the ninja. The ninja lunged at Shishimoru the second he could see again. He clashed his short sword he unsheathed that was carried on his back with "Fenrir". Sparks flew as the two swords clashed together.

    "Your pretty sneaky with that gen-jutsu of yours ninja."

    "I have a name assassin as I suspect you do to." he said with a bit of strain on his voice.

    "I do and its Shishimoru. What's yours?"

    "Shimore is my name Lord Shishimoru."

    "Ah. So you have heard of me Shimore?"

    "Yes, who hasn't heard of the legendary pure blooded vampire Shishimoru." he stated.

    "Why, thank you for knowing so much, but I am afraid I must end this soon."

    Shimore was caught off guard as Shishimoru applied more force breaking through his defense and disappearing in front of his eyes just to reappear behind Shimore thrusting his sword through Shimore's back and out his chest. Shishimoru pulled "Fenrir" out slowly and turned to Shinobu who was shocked and scared with terror and fear in his eyes. Shishimoru charged at Shinobu and in less then a second was behind Shinobu again. Shishimoru slowly began sheathing his blade and when "Fenrir" was completely sheathed Shinobu's body was split diagonally in half and the top part slid off the body and crashed to the floor and blood poured out the body like a crimson fountain creating the biggest crimson pool out of all Shishimoru's victims.

    "I can't believe I let that prediction scare me." he said with a chuckle.

    "Well at least my bingo book is completed." he said with a smile.

    "I got to stop jumping to conclusions and numbering my days." he said with some annoyance at himself.

    But as Shishimoru gathered his things up he saw a shadow speed past him stealing his cloake and kimono.

    "You want to race, fine. Let's race!" he said as he jolted after the figure that stole his cloak and kimono. And in a matter of seconds they were both out of sight.