• Focus on Internal Education

    The GOP can no longer run on campaigns of false promises. Over the party's history, it has done nothing but elect officials run on the policies of efficient government yet prove incapable of enacting these policies once in office, either due to deceit or ignorance. The GOP is NEVER going to have a truly revolutionary and inspirational leader unless it stops thinking that in order to win, the Democrats have to lose. Even if it means losing, the quelling of ignorance is permanent, and will guide us to victory in the end.

    When the GOP has decided that being elected is more important than serving the nation, it has become no better than the Democrats. This goes wholly and completely against the GOP philosophy. The candidate who runs on the GOP for the purpose of winning is not the kind of candidate we want. Win or lose, you must always do what is right.

    Publicly Discuss Voting Records

    A candidate's voting record should not be something we hide. Instead, it should be publicly and openly discussed. If people won't discuss it, it should be promoted until they do. The purpose of this is not to oust good politicians with unnecessary criticism, but rather to recognize our mistakes for the purpose of overcoming them.

    The GOP's bickering amongst itself and defensive mode politics is why we are in such bad shape. How pathetic is it that the GOP's only purpose has become a purposeless, self-preservation? By dumbing down our supporting base, we have done nothing but make the future generation of voters sitting ducks for whichever party speaks the smoothest.

    The GOP has tried and failed to understand why campaigns such as Ron Paul's came out of thin air and garnered such lively support; support which has led people to run for public office based on his message. It's because of his voting record and transparency, which prove that as an individual he is just as true in personal philosophy as he is external philosophy. Rather than meeting challengers with hostility, he invites challengers so that both he and they will advance as human beings.

    This is the type of support we want; this is the type of politician we want.

    Become Personally Involved

    Small government works because of our own pursuit of happiness overlaps with those of another; we share common goals. While the GOP's stated (even if not functional) policies reflect limited government, if paper is the only place we are free, then it is no different than the Democratic Party's philosophy in practice.

    If we want freer education, use what power we do have as individuals to provide supplies and course material for students. This could include anything from interactive internet material, which would greatly reduce costs vs. textbooks and is more functional. Rather than depending on the very government we claim is often invasive, utilize our power as a collective group of small businesses and individuals who simply want to help people.

    It is only natural that in providing working models demonstrating the benefits of freedom, public demand would arise for the government to adapt to allow the expansion of these models into public infrastructure.

    Dissect and Analyze the GOP Philosophy

    It is intolerable for candidates to blindly defend the philosophies of the GOP. If we removed the Rs and Ds from our names, what would we have left? Even Libertarian Party, which is often seen as underground and more "real" than the Republican Party, I found candidates lacking fundamental reasoning behind their arguments, especially when it came to issues such as Drug Prohibition and our restrictive Educational System.

    By continuing to enact and support policies based on self-preservation rather than self-improvement, the GOP has isolated itself from those who can cause REAL change. Until the party digs deep into its roots and studies the reasoning and logic behind individual freedom, it will continue to lack a revolutionary candidate who is not only knowledgeable enough to inspire themselves, but also strong enough to inspire others.