• The day October 16th, 2007 the day i lost all hope of ever living again. That very day seemed like an ordinary day, my dad woke me up, i got dressed and headed of to my piece of crap school. I got home to my hotel room and i did what i always ate a snack and jumped up on my top bunk and started to watch T.V. About 6:15, when my dad is usually home my mom starts getting pissed, thinking he went to someone who is trying to get him to work for her. But she cools off and waits a bit longer. Now the time 8:00 my mom is furious and is pacing and going outside to look for his car. 8:15, my friend Dylan calls and asks to come over, my mom reluctantly says yes and continues to pace. Dylan arrives and his mother walks in our room just frantic and says "Oh my god Linda(my mom)! is Lou(my dad) home yet?!" Immediately my mom is freaking out and i look over at them like 'What the Hell?' Now Wendy(Dylan's mom) is telling my mom how she saw a car that looked like ours go off the road and when the paramedics arrived they took a tall man on a stretcher(my dad is tall). So, now i start hyperventilating and we all go to Wendy's car, but only a few can be there so Dylan and I say we'll stay home. Now we're back at the hotel room and are breathing heavily and we're trying to take our minds off of it and we try to do homework, but who wants to do homework at a time like this, seriously? So instantly we become bored as hell, then we hook up my PS2 on the big T.V. and we start playing Family guy. After and our or so, my older brother, Robert, walks in, he tells Dylan his mom is waiting for him, so Dylan leaves. Robert turns to me and sits down on the bed next to me and very slowly and painfully says "Kody...Dad's dead..." Instantly, the only word that came out of my mouth is "W-What..?" Tears fall down my face and we get up and i hugged him as tightly as i possibly could and we hear hystarical crying down the hallway of the hotel and my mom walks in and hugs us both tightly. My tears start to fall in streams but i made no noise. I felt as if my soul had left my body, my brain was tearing itself appart, voices appear in my head saying that there is no more hope, the end of my life is here. i slowly released my brother and mother and stood there looking at the ground i felt all my surrounding and crying family leave the room i was there alone for the first time, no smiling face of my father encouraging me anymore, now all hope was lost...my mother herself couldnt give me confidence or advice life my father, anyways shes to torn up to even pay attention to me now- a-days.

    So, those of you who read this, this is only a little part of how ******** my life is.