• Chapter 6: Strangers?

    "Who are you people?" I asked, getting off of my chair and backing away from the strange people in front of her. The weren't that strange though. They looked like Michael,John, Elizabeth, and herself. They must be.....be........vampires!
    "MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted and then notice he was already by her side.
    "Don't worry they won't harm us. Theses people are your ,some of them are at least, your family from a long,long,long,long time ago."
    "WHAT.....BUT HOW? I thought my family were mortal's?"
    "Lets, let them tell you, hmmm? I'll be right back. Okay?"
    "Okay" I told him, but i was still a little nervous, and then he kissed my forehead."Don't worry you are safe."And then he left.
    "Hi...."I told them."I'm Christnia Obalone."I said, trying to keep my voice from sounding nervous.
    "We know who you are child." The lady said, who looked like she was the leader of the group.
    "I'am Sophie. It's a pleasure to see you again sister!" The littlest one said.
    "Excuse me?Sister?"I asked.
    "I see you haven't regained your memory yet. Right?"The man with the crystal blue eyes said. "I'm Tom.Nice to finally see you again, daughter." Tom said with a smile.
    "We are your family, your real one. I'm Tom, your father. This is your mother,Amelia," As he pointed to her, she began to glow,"These are your sisters, Aggie,Sophie, and these are your brothers, Tim,Carl,Mark, and Charlie."
    They all smiled, they all looked like me. Brown hair, skinny and beautiful skin. There were more people though.
    "Oh right, how could i forget,These are your brothers wifes, Ashely,Tim;s wife. Bridgete, Carl's wife. Danielle, Marks wife and Sarah, Charlies wife." They all waved polietly and I reconsied them, all of them.
    I began to cry and then suddenly Michael's arms were around me.
    "Sorry, it's just a lot to take in."I hiccuped and then Michael lefted my chin so i could see him and said "I think she need's to rest. I'll tell you everything later. Excuse us." They all waved and smiled a sweet sweet smile.

    In a random room in the mansion

    "Tell them I'm very, very sorry okay."I whispered.
    "Don't worry they understand." Michael whispered back.
    I feel asleep in his arms and I then I had another strange dream. Except this time it was so...so.... gruesome.

    There was blood everywhere! And there were.....these things killing everyone except............my family!

    Two hours later

    "CHRISTNIA! CHRISTNIA! WAKE UP!" Michael yelled.
    "Christnia darling, please wake up." Tom said
    "OH, WILL YOU TWO STOP IT! She is just having a horrible dream. Sophie dear go and wet a cloth okay and Aggie go get a bath ready." Amelia commanded.
    I didn't hear any of this though, i just kept seeing blood everywhere! I silently walked through the house and saw that all the servants were either gone or dead. My chest was hurting and I looked down and saw a strange symbol appear over where my heart is. It looked like tiny vines entwisted over and over again until it formed a rose of vines. It was looked so beautiful, I didn't realize it until i heard a noise in the corner, but i was walking out back.
    "Child come here." Who was that. "Ms.Minager? Is that you?"
    "Yes, it is. Listen we need to leave, okay. But first go to your father's save. The code is 23-36-90. Go now!"
    "Okay i'll be right back stay still" I walked quickly to the room next to this one and found myself trembling and i quickly, but carefully grabbed and back and opened the save. I also grabbed some clothes for us.

    I came back to where Ms.Minager was and saw that she had a mark like mine , but it was different.
    "Are you ready?"I asked.
    "Yes, but you have to leave your rings and necklace. No one can know you're still alive okay!?"
    "Yes i understand, but where are we going?!" I took everything off she told me to take off.
    "England." And then we left.