• Our soliders battle
    on forighn soil
    and have to see
    people dead
    leighing on the ground
    they watch as childeren scramble to find
    a lost parent
    who was just in a road side bomb
    they see their comrads thrown about
    as they try to protect
    their loved ones at home
    they wait and wait and hope to find
    a letter in the mail
    from a girlfriend,wife or child

    how can anyone complain
    about such silly things like a break up
    when soldiers dont know
    if they will ever see their true love again
    how can you complain about a bad hair day
    when they go days with out showers
    how can you complain
    about not getting what you want for christmas
    when soldiers rairly get anything

    how can people say they dont support our troops
    they sacrifice everything just to keep us safe
    they care so much they would give their own life
    if it ment saving someone they cared about

    soldiers they are saints
    and we should be proud of them
    not embaraced
    when you think about your problems
    and compair them to theirs
    do you really think you have it so bad anymore

    i am proud to say I Support Our Troops
    through and through
    no matter what
    they will always have a place in my heart