• On the day before Christmas eve, Santas day had just begun when one of Santa's little helper elf called him and cried," Oh, Santa what must we do? Dancer had just broke his leg, Rouldolph's nose need's a nose job and 4 others had just ran away. We won't be able to use the slegh." In an addatude Santa darted acroos the Norther North Pole to help th search in the 4 lost reindeer. On his way, he slide on some ice and twisted his ancle. In pain, Santa limped to his house to sit and rest his injured leg. When he got into his house we walked over to grab a cookie that his mother had made when he reached into the priceless jar it fell and not suprising dis-parted into 100s of little peices. As he carefully stomped to the broom the doorbell rang. At the door stood a little angle, draging a huge christmas tee," Hello, Santa!!! Where would you like me to put the tree?"

    That's how the angle on the top of the tree came to be.!.