• As you sulk about the boy you love, that doesnt love you back, ill be smiling about the pain you feel, and have no pity for you whatsoever.

    You conceited little dumb blonde, you lost your love/bestfriend by choosing the wrong path- That i do pity.

    I feel sorry for you the insecurity you have, not knowing anything but how to play dirty games with guys, breaking their hearts to make yourself feel better...

    Karmas only a b***h if you are a b***h, so you got what you deserve.. a broken heart </3

    Only the people that you've torn apart can see past the illusion of those beautiful bright blue eyes, and see the dark holes that you hide.

    You're the one who had said that, you dont wanna have any grade 8 bullshit, meanwhile your feed the flames and by that starting the drama.

    Yourself is all you think about, your beautiful bright blue eyes, your tall lanky , body, your silky blonde hair ( thats been dyed that colour.)

    You call me conceite, and yeah i can admit that i can be. but at leats i can admit it, and at leats im not INLOVE wih myself.

    We're both 5'9, party bitches that disguise ourselfs as "happy", but realy were different in a way that spreds us apart, like how your the prep who always trys to "fit in" (and belive me, youve accomplished that) and im catigorized as a girl who wears whatever the hell i want and doesnt give a s**t of what the world says about me, because the worlds gunna end anyways.

    But what you dont realize is that you used to be a person who didnt care.. you let popularity get threw your head! and by that you lost soem friends who didnt care what yor style was or how you acted, i remember you telling me that i was one of the people you could act like a total idiot around, and you were right, i didnt give a s**t. i wouldnt have given a s**t if your hair was greasy either, cause id just tell you to take a shower (even though thats never happend) but li hope you feel like s**t right now because you put alot of friends through hell at this point.

    you also lost the grip of someone who was in love with you at a point ( and your now inlove with them now) but of course he want good enough for you so you dump his a** on the cub and go for the popular guy. in the end he led you on and hurt you. i was there giving you the best advice as i could think of and it seemed like it went through one ear and went out the other without thought to it.


    Friendship is lost until you can learn to walk again without stumbling, finding new friends shouldnt be your biggest priorities at the moment (escpecially not with my friends) andgetting back to your TRUE friends is what you should be doing,and i dont mean me because i want my friends backthat youve been using to replace what you lost.

    Now thanks to you, i only have 1 friend i feel comfortable telling my deepest and darkest secrets too and she hates you with a passion so i dont think id have to worry about her telling you s**t if i say s**t about you smile

    But i guess this story just shows how the cookie crumbles,knowing that you lost trust, respect and became hopeless yet still conceited..

    I know im being a b***h by pointing out your weaknesses, but thunder strauch me when my friend said you wanna punch me? xd

    Well i hope you know that if you want to end this bologna with a fight, either way you would loose no matter how much blood you spill from my outter skin, your still gunna be bleeding on the inside.

    So now all i see through my hazel eyes is hatred for the girl who hides behind shadows. talk2hand