• A mother and father go searching for a room in a hotel the mother (Mary) and father (Joseph) are running out of time Mary almost having a baby must give birth in Bill gates mansion. Bill was a framer his mansion was has barn.It wasn't the best place to give birth but they had to do with it.

    10 years later- Child stuff

    Eape was just a boy growing up during WWII but the Japs were coming to America his birth town...... He was living in Hawaii at the time of the attack the second son of Mary and Joseph all he knew was his older brother was son of God. He didn't know he too was son of God or as his brother said Yahweh a holy name for God. Eape was a different kid growing up he had tons of friends or as we say the angles of heaven. He too was God's child.

    20 years later-P.O.W

    As freeing the P.O.W wasn't easy but Eape could do so curing the sick healing the wounded. If there was someone better then him he didn't get mad he might have got sad but not made.

    Last years-Death
    Eape like all mortals died but was taken to heaven as body and soul Every one now awaits his brothers arrival not his ! crying