• I guess falling in love with the one person I knew would hurt me was a terrible idea. Hell, I saw it coming…. I predicted it. Yet I stayed. I took it. I took the pain, the hurt, the lonesomeness. Because I thought I wasn’t alone. I thought he loved me. I thought I loved him. Truth is I took it all because I afraid of losing him. Losing the sense of that little security I had with him. The fear of losing him was able to concur the fear I Had of him. I use to think that maybe he would change, maybe, maybe, maybe. I gave him time, a lot of it anyways. Not much changed. Except for the fact that he started to cheat again,
    “Oh no sweetie, you’re the only one in my life that I love!” He used to say……Bull s**t. Total bull s**t. The funniest thing was I believed it. Well I want to think that I believed it. I guess deep down inside I always knew, knew that he would never ever change. But its true what they say, love…. Love truly is blinding. It doesn’t let you see what’s going on, except for what’s before you and we forget to think. We forget to use our minds. We forget to remember everything society has taught us, those oh so important signs that our teachers, friends, and parents had shown us. That first time you think you’re in love, you can never get back. That young and innocent love. Well not always that innocent. At least for me it wasn't. It's true, love is blinding, I'll say it until I get it completely, which might take forever. But as long as I remember that, I hope I'll be alright.