• Chapter 4
    are you scared
    Well here it is,Friday. And happens today will hunt me forever.
    So we were in school, english, and we were taking that test. So Gates lend over and said "whats the answer to number one......?"
    "your still on number one?" i asked in amzment.
    "NO.......I'm just coming back to it."
    So i looked at his paper, and i was right there was nothing on there so i told him "you atleast need one answer so.....yea.
    "THe answer is B-." i was interupted by Mr.Jones.
    "Giving answer also talking during a test.....oh thats a huge fail Mr. Miller and you too Mr.Mattew"
    Gates and I sighed and looked down then we both said at the same time " three,Two.ONE."
    The bell rang and we both snatches our papers and ran to the office to give the papers so they could be graded. Then we hurried to the lockers and got our stuff then ran with Tony.Stacy.and Abby all of them chasing us.
    Everyone made it home.
    Abby called me asking way we were running. So i said if we didn't leave Mr.J would catch us.Then she asked "are you sure you want to go through with this Christian.I paused and said "I --- I dont know. Yes im going." "Well i'll see you there then....bye." "bye" i said back.
    It ways 6:45, i had twenty-five minutes to meet Gates.How in the world can I make it?
    So i ran down the stairs, as fast as i could walked up to my dad and asked "May I use the car". He tossed the keys at me without looking and ran through the door and here is a suprise.
    The car wouldn't start.
    Then i saw my only chance i had to use my old bike.
    twenty minutes went by while riding my bike and three minutes went by trying to start the car.
    Then i looked at my watch i had sixty seconds to get there. And the finally i could see the masion. And now I had made it, Gates there laughing until he saw me show up. I saw Abby smile, Tony too, but stacy had a dead look in her eyes. She was hoping I wounldn't make it.
    Then i heard Abby say to Gates "He showed you owe me twenty dollors".
    "Are you ready" Gates asked eyes wide and arms crossed.
    "Sure, buta' how are we going to get in?"
    "This needle. I'll pick the lock." Gates said with a smile on his face.
    Then i whisperd to Tony and Abby "lets try to go over the wall. Like i left , then you,and then you pull me over."
    "Sure" they both said in a whisper.
    We were over the wall and Gates was still picking the lock. It took a ful fifteen minutes to get done and the whole time we spent it play truth or dare.
    Gates had a mad face after he picked the lock on the gate and found us all ready in.
    But now here we were standing on the poperty of an old and so called hunted house.
    And as we were walking up the hill to the masion me Gates and I looked at each other and then I saw something in his eyes.
    Two things I saw. One was fear, but the second i saw was a secert.
    End of Chapter 4