• Renaiku is in the town sitting near the fountain. Suddenly admin appears.

    Admin: Renaiku hello. How you have been in the past 3 days.

    Renaiku: Not so well how is your search. I hope i get good news.

    Admin: I ma afraid i couldn't find a user named zack. But the minute i brought zack back there were 3 people that register.

    Renaiku: Ok so.

    Admin: 1 of them might of been zack. This were there users name. Tougerehou, Hokushi, and Orgin spirit.

    Renaiku: So what am i suppose to do find them and find out which one is zack.

    Admin: ......Yes.

    Renaiku: Thanks admin.

    Admin: Please call me Algo.

    Renaiku: So who should i start with

    Algo: Hokushi he is currently in village of greens.

    Renaiku: Ok thanks and bye.

    Renaiku head for village of greens and finds leon talking to someone.

    Renaiku: Hey leon.


    Renaiku: Long story. Say any one pass by you name Hokushi.

    Leon: I dont think so let me talk with this lad first. So whats your name.

    ????: My name is Hokushi.

    Renaiku: Zack!!!!!!!

    Renaiku give hokushi a hug.

    Hokushi: Get of me !!!!!!!!!

    Renaiku: Your not zack.

    Hokushi: Who???Nvm leave me alone i have to fight the general Nome

    Hokushi leave to fight general nome renaiku just keeps walking down the road.
    After a while Renaiku sees hokushi surrounded by alot of nome and the genreal nome.

    Hokushi: Crap this is bad.

    Renaiku: Ring Rain of Fire.

    Renaiku and hokushi elimenate all the small nome and the general nome is left.

    Hokushi: Hey your not so bad. Whats your name.

    Renaiku: me. My name is renaiku.

    Hokushi: this general nome is pretty tought.

    Renaiku: I could take him.

    Hokushi: ok lets go.

    The END
    To Be Continued.