• I never thought that it would be really hurtful being one person that is just being used ! i felt like im just trash that was thrown in the garbage . It felt like im not important to you guys . The promises we made was really meant to be broken , which wasnt really meant to be kept . I thought the promises we made was truly something a part of us , but i made a mistake . It was actually a broken promise . This certain promise was actually about telling everything to each other no matter how painful it is instead of hiding it because once that person figures out the whole truth , it will be a bigger problem to solve especially when that person is really close to you . That certain person wont show her actual feelings in the outside , but deep inside she is really hurt and will have to just let everything slide . It may be painful , but i know we have to accept the truth sooner rite ?
    Letting you know , if you guys are happy with each other , no need for me to bother because it's what makes you guys happy . So im goin to set you free and live a happy ever after life with that certain person you truly love . Dont bother to pretend that you actually love me because i know deep inside there is someone else that you truly love more than me . iLL let you do anything you want just for you to live a happy life . I dont want to be a person who will just get hurt in the end . i also have feelings that is hurt rite now . I want you guys to be happy instead of me being happy . i wouldnt think about myself , i'd rather think about the people around me . im not a selfish girl who will give all her happiness to herself . My happiness is making everyone happy . Thats one important goal in my life . My other goal is to just concentrate in school more and make it for the best . iLL spent my best memories with everyone . I woudnt want a life that is so miserable that will cause so many drama . i would love a life that is full of joy and laughter . I also hope one day there will be happiness in everyone instead of feeling pain and sorrow . The people that hides their feelings should express it in a certain way that makes them comfortable . it may be hard to say it but sooner you have to let it out . The people who like to hurt someone's feelings shouldnt do such a thing because that person didnt do anything to that person . All that person did , was to love someone special like you . This person also thought that she can really trust people that has been with her ever since ever since , but one thing happen ; she lost her trust to some people that just hid things from her . It is also hurting that person deep inside , without her showing it . She may say she is okay , but in the end she isnt . well i said most of my feelings deep inside , so im going to end it from here . Just remember one more thing , dont ever let something bring you down .