• tab Her gaze travelled across the shore of the beach, one hand raised to shield her eyes from the extremely bright sunlight. Today, she would end it.
    tab She stepped out onto the beach, for she had been standing in the shadows of the forest which surrounded the area. She was immediately assaulted by memories of the past, back when things were perfect.
    tab He smiled at her with his perfect smile, tugging her along a path through the forest.
    tab "Where are you taking me?" She asked, trying to keep up with him while half-stumbling through the brush. The path obviously was rarely used anymore."
    tab "You'll see. We're almost there. Just afew more minutes."
    tab She clamped her mouth shut to keep herself from asking any more questions, before they suddenly stepped out of the forest, and onto a beautiful beach. She had always loved beaches, and she hadn't been to one for so long.
    tab Her beloved boyfriend spun around and pulled her into his arms, smiling down at her, "Well..Here we are. Hope you like it."
    tab She didn't know what to say, and just stared up into his eyes, a smile spreading across her face. She stood up on her tiptoes and kissed him, softly.
    tab He kissed her back, before abrubtly ending the kiss, "I love you."
    tab She smiled, "Love you too. Forever and always."
    tab Nodding, he agreed, "Yes. Nothing will ever tear us apart.."
    tab Shaking her head, Sakuke sighed, tears flowing down her face, "Forever..what a lie.." She tugged out a large knife, which gleamed dangerously in the bright sunlight.
    tab Without thinking twice, she plugged the blade into her chest, falling to the ground as blood dyed the white sand of the beach red.