• PART 3....somethings out there

    I am still looking at the odd shape..
    "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Ian says throwing me against the room. All i can't feel my body. its jammed against the wall. Ian runs toward me. And,He kisses me. "I'll get help.." He says in a whisper.
    "Ian.. Please.. Stay!" I scream
    "I can't! you're bleeding. Julia,Please!.." My eyes close "JULIA.. PLEASE...JULIA WAKE UP! he is coming! Julia!!!" I heard foot steps.. And,I open my eyes in full shock. I cling to Ians leg. And,Tries to make me stay with me.
    "Julia.. We need to go! NOW!" He says whispering.
    "I can't feel my legs,Ian.. Just leave.." I say.Crying. Ian picks me up and tries to run out the door. He was too late.

    The strange figure that was staring at me.. Took hold of Ian. Ian was now screaming
    "DON'T.. PLEASE!" The figure took Ian to the darkest room. But I never been there. I Tried to crawl to get Ian. The door slammed shut. All the doors were shut.. I was trapped.. I said,Crying. Trying to hold in my yelps of help. I banged on the door Ian was in.
    "PLEASE.. PLEASE DON'T KILL HIM!" I said screaming. I heard someone screaming. And it sounded like Ian. I was crying and banging at the door! I heard something tearing up. And,When I looked at the floor. I saw skin... THAT FIGURE WAS TEARING UP IAN! he was tearing up his skin! I tried to hold in my throw up. But it came out anyway. Blood was smashed everywhere. Ian was still screaming. And,I was still crying. I banged on the door once more. And I heard this HUGE scream from Ian. and,A scrap of skin.. With a lot of dark hair. I knew that was his scalp. I tried to remain calm. I didn't bang at the door. I only tried to find a way out of this horrifying place. I saw a way to get out. I tried to fit into the small window. It was very hard to squeeze in there. I just kept on squeezing. And finally i was free. I crawled to the car.. "GOD! NO KEYS!!" I crawled to the nearest police station. Just right down the road. I told the cops what happened,and What i saw. They rushed down to the Old chruch. When i showed them the place i last heard Ians cries,I saw... Ian.. Blood.. skin.. Eyes.. fingers.. Even guts. I tried to hold in my throw up,but it came out,Again. I was so scared. They rushed me to a hospital. My legs were broken. I didn't have severe head damage. just a little.

    I was at the hospital for 5 weeks. They didn't want me to go back to the chruch. And,I tried to tell them I wouldn't. But,knowing me.. I probably would. To kill that figure.Well try.. I was finally free.. They finally letted me go. I was so scared to sleep alone. My sister Angelia she would sleep with me every night. I cried every day at school. Everyone would always look at me,While i passed down the hall way. My friend Robin thinks I killed Ian. In fact.. Everyone does. I try to keep myself under controlled. I never thought of something this horrible could happen. I knew something was going to happen.. But.. I never thought of it this bad. I tried to hard to keep from crying. I really did... My dad would wrap his arms around me,every morning. I knew and he knew,that i didn't kill Ian. I wasn't capable of killing him. thats just very weird.. that people think i am able to cause a serious crime like this. How am I going to tear out Ians skin??? it was as hard as a rock. Its just very devastating to me. My whole entire life depended on Ian. He was suppose to be there for me. On all my hardships. The terrible cause of the tragedy.. Me being accused.. its so horrible. i can't stop thinking of it. Everything is so clear to me. How Ian and I met,How Ian said he loved me,How I loved Ian,How happy we were... And Now... How he died. I remembered every bit of it. The blood.. the smell of blood.. The scrap's of skin.. Everything.. I remember. And,Its so so bad that I do. I have to take pills. Just to forget about the accident. None of the police man think I did this crime. They think I'm too weak to cause a crime this bad. And if i did cause this crime.. why would i tell them? I don't understand,Some of the chats they talk about. but,All I know is that.. Soon enough.. When I'm healthier... I will go back to that place.. I know i will. This time -more than 2 people.. 5.. I will try. Try and save other people's lives.

    Part 4! Somethings out there

    I went to my Cousins house,to spend some time there. My parents were going on a vacation,So... I knocked on my aunt Carols door. Her son answers "MOOOOOOM!" he yells "JULIA IS HERE!" He yells again. His mom hurries to the door.
    "Let me get those Julia. Hurry up inside! its hot out there." She was right on that. It was hot.
    "No no. I can take my bags." I say smiling.
    "Okay,upstair,Left.." Aunt Carol smiles and points to the stairs.I go inside and I carry my bags up to the stair case. Geez,These bags were heavier than I thought.I finally get to the hall way. Its huge! Well aunt Carol and uncle George are money makers. Haha.. I laugh at the joke I made. I finally get to the door. I heard real heavy music. Heavy metal I assumed. I knock on it kind of hard.
    "COME IN!" Cousin angie says screaming it. I guess she had changed,A lot! I open the door.
    "Oh... Its you." Angie says rolling her eyes. I try to ignore her. "Tell me what happened." She says looking at me with dead eyes. I stare at her. Why does she want to know?
    "Tell you what?" I said acting dumb.
    "You're stupid. Tell me about the incident." -Angie is really smart. She has A's. Angie looks like a gothic.. She wears black,All the time. She wears a lot of black make up,Which the creation of it amuses me,She is pretty tall,6'3,Anyway.. She has really pretty hair,Colorful too! Her hair is black,red,green,and then purple,And to top all of that,She has a side cut.
    "The incident..." I sigh. And she keeps staring at me.
    "Yes!" She nods.
    "Okay,I had many Incidents.. Be more specific." I said this barely opening my mouth.
    "The one with Ian.." She rolls her eyes.
    "Oh...Well,What do you want to know!?"
    "I want to know everything.. What happened to him? Why didn't you do anything!?" I try and sallow.. But it comes to a gulp instead. I sigh.
    "Well.. It was awhile back. But i remember everything. Ian and I were at a resturant. He wanted to show me something,And I said told him to show me now.Because the elegant music at the resturant made my eyes watery-" Angie interrupted.
    "How dumb.." She says "Go on."
    "So,My eyes were watery.. He told the waitress to forget about it. The ride wasn't long. Before all of this.. He told me it was an old chruch. Well,Anyway.. He held my hand,And I held his. He opened the door. The room was cold. there was a red light.. It was very bright. He walked me to a dark room.. It was still very cold.I looked around. And spotted a window,I don't know why i looked out of the window.. I just did. So,I looked out of the window,And a figure.. I can't really name it,But this figure was looking at me. I stared at the figure back,And all of the sudden Ian throws me against this stone wall! My legs jammed right into the wall. He tried to save me. He tried hard. But,The figure grabbed him,And took Ian to a room i never went in yet." I took a breath.
    "So what you're telling me is that this figure.. Stares at you,And then Ian throws you to a stone wall,You jammed for legs against the stone wall.Ian was going to take you somewhere safe,And all of the sudden the figure grabs Ian and takes him to a room." She nods looking at me.
    "Yes,Thats what i'm saying.Can I continue,Please?" I say trying to finish to story. I didn't really want to finish it. But, then i knew she would beg and beg.
    "Go on."
    "Okay well... I start banging on the door,The door Ian was in. And I here screams of remorse. It was so devastating. He was screaming. And then.." I sighed "And then there was this HUGE scream he made,And when i looked on the ground... there was blood everywhere. Then,there was a scrap of skin. Of his skin! I tried not to puke. And then.. On the skin,Was hair! The hair that was on his head! IT WAS HIS SCALP! So,I tried to look,Panic as i was,Trying to look for an escape. I found this tiny window. I squeezed myself to fit. It was hard,My legs were killing me. I crawled to the car,And i screamed 'NO KEYS!' So,i crawled to the nearest police station. I went to the hospital,For 5 freaking weeks! And thats how it ended.." I said trying to hold in the tears.
    "Oh my god.. We definitely have to go back to that chruch! we have to kill that basturd! WE HAVE TOO!" She demanded.. I stood at the edge of her bed. Shocked.. Is this girl freaking kidding? How are we ever suppose to go back there!? Does she want herself to die Or does she want me to die. I was nervous,Talking to her. She makes me feel more weaker than I already am. I never really thought that I would ever end up at the edge of her bed! It was really amazing. Her mother always told me,On the phone, That she was very rude. Angie never letted anyone step foot into her room. She never even letted someone on her bed! And I was there,On her bed.
    " I thought of that Angie. I did. But Unfortunately,We would never be able to make it. Especially with us two. We need more people. About five more. The Two of us are weak. We need to get tough,strong,People. We need them.. In order to kill this figure." I thought carefully while saying this.
    "You're right,Kid. We do need more people. Tougher and you and I." She looked at me with curious eyes. I knew she was thinking of who to ask.
    "Who are you going to ask?" I say in a firm voice.
    "I am going to ask this guy,Named Mitch,This other guy named Steve. They are the only two tough guys i'm aware of knowing. I do know one guy who is a wrestler,But he is not really tough,His name is Cody. Those are the only three.. Do you have any suggestions?"I look puzzled at her,Those three guys sounded familiar.
    "Nope,None. I think it'll work. When will we leave?" I say sighing. Angie smiles.
    "Tonight..." She says.

    PART 5.. Somethings out there

    I sat at the edge of Angie's bed. Wondering,If I should go,Or stay. I realized that I am going to go. I am going to kill that Figure. He tortured Ian! How can I ever forgive myself,for not saving him. I should had. But it was as if,everytime i would bang on the door,I would just hear more cries and screams. Everything that I accomplished with Ian. Trying to find that right guy.. My prince charming,It was just all wrong. How could I have ever let someone like Ian go? Everyone is accusing me of this... I can't deal with it anymore. i have to kill that Demonical Figure. He.. Hurted Ian. He KILLED Ian. How can I ever recover when seeing Ian died? And,Actually.. Not seeing him at all. He was my everything. It broken my heart.. Hearing him scream. Every time I close my eyes. I picture myself in that room. Hearing the cries and screams that Ian yelled. Just imagine how much pain Ian was in,And then me not doing anything but bang!?! It was just awful.
    "We still have 5 hours before 9:00." Angie says speaking softly. I knew she was heart broken. She had to feel bad about it all. But,I wondered.. Did she really care after all? She probably has other things to worry about.
    "Okay..." My voice trailed off. I was thinking about Ian,Again. I learned that if I think of Ian,I think of the pain he was in.
    "Are you sad?" Angie said giggling. I was really angry when she laughed about it.
    "Yes I am! Why are you laughing about it!?" I said angrily. And she stopped and stared at me.
    "I'm sorry,I'm not use to seeing people Emotional. For me,if you're sad.. its funny. And when you're happy its sad. In my eyes. I'm not quite sure if you think so." Her voice fluttered in my mind. I tried to shake my head. But it came to a nod.
    "Well,Its all right. But just to let you know,I am very disappointed about the death of Ian. it ended so quickly for him..." I take a breath."Why do you think it ended so quickly?" I say looking at what angie was drawing.
    "You see,When I think of death,I think of people who never deserved life." She nods and shows me the picture. It was a picture of a very beautiful rose. Carefully drawn.
    "Well.. Ian did deserve life..." I thought he did.."Well,I thought he did."
    "He probably didn't. Maybe because he never appreciated the life he had. Seems to me he wanted something more." She hands me the drawing. I quickly examine it.
    "So,He never appreciated the life he had. He wanted something better.." I say very careful on the words i selected. Angie nods. I smile at her,As i hand her back the book.
    "Its lovely. You are such a talented girl!" I said smiling still. She looks at me as if I said something wrong.
    "I'm not a girl,Julia.. I'm a Lady." She corrected me. I was shocked! My jaw dropped. And she placed it back. "Its all right Julia. People make mistakes." Angie nods and I nod back.She was right. Everyone makes mistakes.
    "ANGIEEEEEEEEEEEE.....JULIAAAAAAAAAAA!" Aunt Carol calls us down to eat,Dinner. I looked at the time. Its pretty early. We both get down stairs. I smelled the ribs. They smelled very delicious. I was pretty excited to eat at Aunt Carols. I never really ate there. This will be a very good vacation for me. Uncle Geoge was down stairs. I gave him a hug and kiss. He smelled like work..Ahahaha,I laughed at my joke again.
    "Hi Julia!" He said after we kissed and hugged.
    "Hi Uncle George!" I said smiling.
    "You can sit right beside Angie,O.K" Uncle George says pointing to the chair. I nod and take my seat.
    "Thank you." I say. I was ravenous! Everyone took their seats. And Aunt Carol passed out the food. I ate it very fast. I was the first to finish. I felt uncomfortable at aunt Carols house. Maybe because it wasn't my house. Home-sick I guess. I smiled and continued to go to the sink. I started to wash the plate. I was so eager to go back up stairs and get my things sorted out. I was so bloated. Those ribs were so good! I can eat way more than I had. I headed up stairs. When I was up there,I was trying to figure out where am I going to put my things at. So,I decided to wait for Angie. I sat at her bed,Waiting.. Finally she came! 5 minutes seemed like 50 minutes.
    "Were you snoozing around??" Angie said giggling. I giggled back,A real fake one. I don't snooze around things that aren't mine.
    "Nope,Waited for you." I said still fake giggling.
    "Oh.. do you need help to get situated?"
    "mmhmm. Where can I put my clothes?" I say curious. Angie points to a shelf. I guess thats my new drawer! I laugh at my joke. I'm always laughing at the stupidest things. I start to unpack my things. I folded them carefully. I looked at my underwear and bra.
    "Where am I going to put these?" I say holding them up.
    "Haha. Leave them in your bag." She says laughing loudly.
    "Oh okay." I say laughing back. Her joke was kind of.. funny. I left my bra's and underwear deep in my bag. I look at the time,And then turn to Angie.
    "Are you ready Missy?" She says folding her arms on her chest.
    "Don't we need to get the guys?" I say rolling my eyes.
    "Oh Nope. They are already here!" She points out the window. The guys are here? I look outside and gulp. They are all handsome. Angie and I run down stairs. And we told aunt Carol and uncle George we are going out. Its not like we were lying. We were really going out. Out to that chruch... I sighed. I was so nervous about it. I walk out the door and a guy grabs me. "Hello there!" He says. I look at him. He was so handsome. He had brown hair.. brown eyes.. I blushed.
    "Hi,I'm Julia!" I say, And he looses up his grip.
    "I'm Mitch!" Another guy says.
    "Cody!" Another one..
    "And I am steve!" The one that held me in his arms said. We leave to the Chruch. My heart was pounding. I had to show all four of them.. Angie,Mitch,Steve,and Cody to the Place.. and give them a detour. I was nervous. I wasn't suppose to go back there.. I even promised! I gulped hard.Steve looked at me. We finally arrived. Mitch,Steve,Cody and Angie took out there weapons. Mitch had a gun,Steve had a knife,Angie had a pocket knife,And Cody had a gun. Cody had a pistol.. And Mitch had a 9 millimeter. I was so nervous. I was unequipped! I showed them to the place Ian showed me. I pointed to the window I looked through at the Incident.I looked back at the window, I gave a shiver,and then............... I saw it.

    PART 6.. Somethings out there

    I quickly turned my head. I was so very scared. My eyes closed. I bet he noticed me. He is going to come. He is. I know it. I sigh.
    "Julia.. Whats wrong?" Angie says,He voice cracky.
    I whisper "He's here...." My voice trailed off. As if i couldn't speak anymore. I didn't look back. But,I wanted too. Mitch was looking into the window. He stared at it,Just as I did. "Mitch... Get.. away." My voice was still in a whisper tone. I tried to sallow,But I couldn't. I tried to breathe normally,But I couldn't!
    "Why? He isn't going to do anything." Mitch teased. Then he banged on the window.
    "MITCH! KNOCK IT OFF!" I screamed. And.. there the figure was. Right beside Mitch. I gasped. I couldn't breathe! it was freezing! i shivered and Angie threw me into herself. Steve followed with Cody. We were all huddled together.
    The figure dragged Mitch into the room where Ian had died. I yelled "LET HIM GO!"
    The figure didn't open the door. I started to bang on it. But then I stopped. I learned my lesson the last time. I cried is dispair. I didn't know what to do. Angie,Steve and Cody were still huddled. They were planning on doing something. I didn't bother to listen. I was silent. Waiting.. I heard Mitch finally say "So,You think you're going to push your fingers into my temples.." His voice trailed off. "Well,no luck for you. It wont happen." Mitch had no luck,actually. 5 seconds later.."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" I heard Mitch scream. Louder than Ian. "ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" And then.. It was back to normal. It wasn't cold anymore. I was guessing the figure had left. The door swung open. As nervous as I was,I went into the room. This time,there was a light. A little light,where Mitch was. I cried. He died. His temples were opened. I could see blood. There was a note at the desk. It read "Dear sweet Julia.." I was guessing it was from the Figure."I'm sorry about your loved one,Ian. A guy has to do what a guy has to do." I gulped. "You know,If you keep showing up here,You'll be next." I gulped again. And I continued to read. "In order to save yourself,And the others.. You'll have to come with me.And if you don't... You're died!" I putted the note into my pocket. I examined Mitch. I puked. It was disgusting. There were two hole,Deep,In the sides of Mitch's head. I almost puked again. Angie,Steve,and Cody hurried to get me out.I showed them the note.
    "This is what he said?" Angie asked. I nodded. I don't think she believed me. I needed to escape. How can this guy find me? If I was safe at home?
    "I think he is setting you up,Julia." Steve said. And Cody Nodded.
    "Well,I want to save you all. The only way to do that is to make sure I follow all directions." I cried.
    "But.. Saving yourself? What does he want from you!?" Cody said. i sighed.. i didn't know the answer,So apparently I couldn't answer. instead of speaking I shrugged. How am I suppose to follow directions,When there are no directions?? I look around,Frantically. I found another note. It was in Mitch's ear. Funny how I couldn't see it. I grabbed the note and read it,Carefully. "Dear Julia...O.K.. You are going to follow the directions. I read your mind. You come to the bright red light,Go down stairs! It'll be a room,with no lights. There is a switch.. Pull the switch down,In order to have light. Carefully.. Walk into the room,I will be there." I sighed. I couldn't deal with this anymore. I was about to give up. But instead.. I left the room.
    "WHERE are you going!?!?" Steve said. I ignored him. I had to move on. I had too! I took a deep breath. Entered the red lighted room.. went down stairs. Turned on the light,And carefully entered the room. I look to my right side. He was there.. Looking at me!