• In a beautiful normal day, the most traumatic aufull thing happened to me,
    I was watching TV when I received the weirdest call ever
    So I pick up and he says -It´s your boyfriend, friend, you know the one who lives in front of you.
    And me -ahh yeah! So why did you called me?
    And he says -Come by my house, Bryan sent you something with me.
    I ask myself what? but anyway I go to his house,
    He says -come in let me look up for it, so I sit in the living room
    He goes in and bring me two rings, and I am: what????? -OK.

    Then I stand up and say -well good bye
    But he says -wait I have something to tell you
    He says that he likes me and wants to hook up with me
    And I´m no way, aren´t you Bryan friend, but he doesn´t care.
    Ok I´ll leave now, I say.

    But that´s not in his plans, so he grabs my arm really tight and sits me back
    He´s next to me now, he´s talking but I don´t listen
    I´m really scared now, I just want to scape
    But then he tries to kiss me, and I turn my head,
    I try to hit him but don´t have strenght enough
    He says -kiss me and I´ll let you go.

    Then I do it, but he hasn´t had enough,
    He´s taking off my shirt now, try to stop him but my arms are out of strenght now,
    Try to move but he caught me, and got worse,
    He´s grabbing my brest now, but I put my arms around them
    He says let me and I´ll let you go

    I don´t believe him but my arms are weak, and he forces me
    He´s sucking now, but he´s hurting me, tears are falling down my face,
    Then he suddenly stops and says me go to the bathroom,
    I know that the bedroom is around and he will throw me in the bed
    So I´m "fixing" myself, when someone calls him to the door

    I can scape now!! He goes out for the kitchen door, I´m in the living room
    I pick up my cel, that was lying around, and run away
    I go in my house lock myself in the bath as the tears start to fall.

    GoD kNoCkEd On HiS dOoR,
    So He CoUlD sToP,
    AnD i CoUlD rUn AwAy!