• Life loves to play with us more often than I thought. There are things we want to suppress, wishes we want to forget. And just when we think that we've finally accepted the fact that some of our desires are just too far from our grasp, we are put into situations that make the dreams and aspirations we once had, again, the only good reason for us to live.

    Everything I'm writing write now might be difficult to decipher. It's just a random thought that came to me this morning - way to start a day. I guess all I'm trying to say is that we all want something in life. And in some sad cases, what we want is not what we get - not even close. A normal response is to get used to what you have and let go of what you want. That's what I've been doing since the past semester. But why does everything have to come back just when you thought you've moved on?

    Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just overreacting and misinterpreting life scenarios. Or maybe - just maybe - I just don't belong in where I am right now. Maybe I should follow a different path, before it's too late.