• I woke up. I was in a world I'd never been in before. In fact, I didn't know anything.
    I peered at my body. It was the teeniest ever (I guess!) and I looked up. There was a mother, sitting. She was holding me.
    I cried. A robber was coming to get me!
    "Now now, Mummy's here," said Mum.
    I wailed even more. You can't trust robbers. Maybe this was - Mum? No. It was too too too too sharp. It can't be.

    The stranger took me shopping and bought me some pretty clothes. There was a frilly pink frock, pink little shoes with white socks. Perhaps this was Mum, in disguise as this weird animal.
    I'd seen people like this before. Oh! She'd been pregnant just the second my life came to an end, so now I'm a human.

    Our home was very posh, with ornaments here and there (I just looked at the screen and it stands for WOHAT. LOL!) and I broke a vase straight away.
    "Oh Katie," Mum said.
    So she'd named me Katie! I knew knew knew that name. Suddenly.