• 1. Castle Town - Once you have gone to Castle Town after completing the
    Lakebed Temple, go through all the regular stuff until
    you cross Telma's Bar's roof Metal Gear Zelda style.
    Entering the next room, which is Jovani's house, turn
    on your senses and defeat the Poe hovering around.

    2. Sacred Grove - After obtaining the Master Sword and changing back
    into a human, head east from the field into the part
    of the Sacred Grove where you fight the horn player
    the first time. In the center of the battlefield, you
    should see a big rock. Plant a boulder next to it to
    blow it up, and the Poe, whom will have been hiding
    underneath the rock, will come out. Defeat it to
    obtain it's Poe Soul.

    3. Gerudo Desert - From the spot where you are launched out to from
    Fyer's Watertop in Lake Hylia, head west. You should
    see the Poe going around in a process next to a small
    rock pillar with three skulls in a triangle formation
    nearby as well [NIGHT].

    4. Gerudo Desert - Teleport to the Gerudo Mesa warp point. If you do not
    have it, then head east from the spot you are
    launched to from Lake Hylia towards the large plateau
    in the distance (with a blue glowing tower during the
    night). Once you reach there, use your Hookshot first
    on the tree, then the floating propellor plant. The
    Poe will be on top of the mesa [NIGHT].

    5. Gerudo Desert - From the battle outpost in the Gerudo Desert (the one
    in the actual desert, not the main big one), head
    west, and keep your eyes peeled. Eventually, you
    should spot a lone, dead tree standing up high on a
    cliff. Go around the ramp near the tree, then use the
    Clawshot to get up onto the tree. Drop down and head
    north to face the Poe, whom is wandering around a
    triangle of skulls [NIGHT].

    6. Gerudo Desert - Next to where Poe #5 is, there is a triangle of
    skulls. Morph into a wolf and dig between this
    triangle to unveil a dig cavern. Poe #6 will be down
    here to fight.

    7. Gerudo Desert - Same location as #6.

    8. Gerudo Desert - When in the foothills north of the outpost, first
    head right, and you will come to a split (this is
    where the White Wolf is sitting for a Hidden Skill).
    From here, head right to a dead end, where a Poe will
    be waiting at the end [NIGHT].

    9. Gerudo Desert - After you have defeated the big goblin boss and
    landed on the front steps of the Arbiter's Grounds,
    head back to the military base area, and go straight
    south to the burned-up husk of the room you fought
    the boss. A Poe will have resided in this room

    10. Gerudo Desert - After fighting the Goblin mini-boss and crashing
    your way past some fences to the Arbiter's Grounds
    entrance, head up to the staircase just before the
    actual doorway leading inside. Turn right and head
    east to spot the Poe floating around in the east half
    of the entrance chamber [NIGHT].

    11. Arbiter's Grounds - Required to beat the dungeon; 1 of 4.

    12. Arbiter's Grounds - Required to beat the dungeon; 2 of 4.

    13. Arbiter's Grounds - Required to beat the dungeon; 3 of 4.

    14. Arbiter's Grounds - Required to beat the dungeon; 4 of 4.

    15. Zora's Domain - When you are at the exit going east out to Snowpeak,
    change directions and head north. At the base of the
    platforms that you need to jump across, you should
    see the classic Poe lantern being thrown around.
    Transform into a wolf and kill it.

    16. Death Mountain - In much the same fashion as with Heart Piece #10,
    you must go talk to the Goron standing next to the
    second wall. Once he curls up, get onto his back,
    and aim yourself so you are launched up east. Grab
    a hold of the side wall, climb up, then head south
    from here to spot the Poe [NIGHT].

    17. Kakariko Village - Head up onto the roof of the Barnes' Bomb Shop in
    Kakariko. Head south from there to where the
    wreckage of the storage room that you helped blow
    up as a wolf is, and the Poe should be wandering
    around there [NIGHT].

    18. Kakariko Village - Head up to the roof of Barnes' Bomb Shop in the
    village, then head north, going up the long,
    winding path. This will eventually lead you to the
    foot of the watch tower. The Poe will be at the
    base over the wooden ramparts [NIGHT].

    19. Kakariko Village - In Kakariko's graveyard, immediately turn left at
    the entrance and you should see a grave with dark
    indents in the dirt. Push the grave the opposite
    way and it will free a trapped Poe Soul. Deal with
    it quickly.

    20. Kakariko Village - In Kakariko's graveyard, you should be able to
    spot this Poe fairly easily, as it is simply
    patrolling around the relative center of the area.

    21. Snowpeak - At the start of your descent up the mountain, you should
    come to an area sandwiched in between two large rocks.
    When you exit out the other side, turn and move right a
    bit, and you should see a lone tree. A Poe lantern will
    be hovering around it (depending on your snow vision from
    your position, you may or may not be able to see it).
    Slaughter and devour it to obtain your Poe Soul.

    22. Snowpeak - When following the trail of the Reekfish scent and hitting
    a wall for the first time, go south to find a ramp.
    Instead of continuing up the ramp, instaed head south to
    find another Poe wandering around another lone tree. Deja
    vu aside, take it out to win another Soul.

    23. Snowpeak - When the scent comes to an obstacle once again, turn left
    to find a grove of trees, where, again, another Poe Soul
    will be wandering around. Fight it to obtain the third
    Poe Soul of Snowpeak.

    24. Snowpeak - At the entrance to Snowpeak, turn back and start walking
    manually up the mountain. Once you get past the asphalt,
    look up to the one big cliff on the inside of the turn,
    and you should see a path going up. Take the spiral path
    to the top, where you will face off against your Poe

    25. Snowpeak Ruins - In the front entrance of the Ruins, just head north
    straight down the hallway and the Poe will be
    waiting for you, so morph and take it out.

    26. Snowpeak Ruins - After you win the Ball and Chain from the Snowpeak
    Ruins miniboss, head to the front entrance of the
    building, and you should notice that at the very
    beginning of the hallway, there is a line of armour
    suits on either side of you. Go and use the Ball
    and Chain on the center suit on the west side to
    free a Poe Soul out from underneath, then quickly
    kill it.

    27. Snowpeak Ruins - Once you have obtained the Ball and Chain, head to
    the room west of the front entrance on the second
    floor either by climbing up the boxes in the ice
    puzzle room or walking up to the eastern room and
    jumping across some platforms hanging from the
    ceiling. In this room, take care of the mini ice
    enemies. You should see a big sheet of ice against
    a wall. Use the Ball and Chain to break it and free
    another Poe, but take it out before it can get any

    28. Sacred Grove - Heading through your second time, go to the room where
    you first would attack the horn-tooter (north a room
    and then heading straight east and not across the
    water). From here, head north another room into a room
    with a flowing river and a small waterfall. Jump into
    the water and swim BEHIND the waterfall. Climb up the
    stones at the end and at the top there will be a Poe
    Soul for the taking.

    29. Sacred Grove - In the grove where you obtained the Master Sword from
    the pedestal, wait until it is nightime out, and a Poe
    Soul will appear. Kill it.

    30. Temple of Time - Head to the room with the two scales. Weigh the
    east side down by three pots with Link on the west
    side, then climb up onto the platform at the top.
    Use the Clawshot on the target on the ceiling in the
    middle of the room, drop down onto the platform,
    then use the Spinner to circumnavigate
    counterclockwise around the room to the north end.
    On this side of the large room, just turn to face
    the west and you should see the Poe wandering
    around. Eliminate it to score another Soul.

    31. Temple of Time - After you obtain the Dominion Rod, return to the
    room with three floors and the elevator platform,
    and head to the bottom floor and go to the north
    end of the room. There stands a gate here. If you
    currently have possession of the statue, then you
    can use it to bash open the gate. If you do not,
    then take possession of one of the stone pots from
    behind the gate and bring it onto the switch. Either
    way, once the gates are rid of, the Poe Soul behind
    will be freed from its cage and ready to go from
    the frying pan into the fire (aka kill it).

    32. Sacred Grove (Past) - With the Dominion Rod in hand, go to the Sacred
    Grove and head through the door leading to the
    Temple of Time into the past. Do not walk to
    the actual Temple, however; instead, once you
    go into the past, head down the staircase and
    turn a right to the corner to find an Owl
    statue. Use the Dominion Rod on it to possess
    it and move it away from the wall. This will
    reveal a Poe Soul hiding behind the wall, so
    take care of it.

    33. Hidden Village - After your RETURN to the Hidden Village (not on your
    first visit there), head to the northeast building,
    where there should be a water trough. Directly above
    this trough is some rope vines that you can Clawshot
    onto and climb up. On the barristers, head north and
    turn the corner to come face to face with the Poe

    34. City in the Sky - When first visiting the outdoor garden area with
    the floating flower propellors, continue on your
    way until you hook onto the third flower. Instead
    of continuing on your merry way, turn to face the
    south and you should see another flower floating
    above a small island. Clawshot your way over there
    and drop down. The Poe will be patrolling around

    35. City in the Sky - Once you enter the area with all the tightropes and
    the large, centralized tower, head to the southern
    door going into the tower, but don't actually go
    inside. Instead, aim straight up at the vines to
    pull yourself up (if you cannot do that, then yeah,
    you'll have to go up using the vines at the start
    of the room and working your way over). Next, head
    west and then northwest over some ropes as a wolf.
    At a dead-end platform, you will find this Poe
    hovering over the grass.

    36. Hyrule Field - Head out from Hyrule Castle Town via the southern
    exit. Out here, head down the left staircase, and the
    Poe will be floating right in plain sight for the
    taking [NIGHT].

    37. Lake Hylia - Drop in to Lake Hylia from the hole south of Hyrule
    Castle Town (in the field near where you may sometimes
    find Agitha playing). This will land you on the western
    extreme of the map. Walk south a bit from here and you
    should easily be able to spot the Poe [NIGHT].

    38. Lake Hylia - From the Lake Hylia warp point, head east up the bridge,
    then climb up the tower to the top. Near the base of the
    long watch tower, you should be able to find another Poe

    39. Lake Hylia - Starting at the Lake Hylia warp point, head southwest up
    the land bridge, then turn around and start heading
    south across all the small islands. Once you get to the
    end, the Poe will be waiting there for you [NIGHT].

    40. Lake Hylia - Take the Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl attraction for 20
    Rupees, then grab a Cuccoo and fly down to the tower on
    the isle below. So long as you get on the bottom floor
    (with a chest that is, not the BOTTOMMOST floor), you
    are safe, as that is where this Poe will be. Take it
    out [NIGHT].

    41. Lake Hylia - This one involves the Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl minigame
    again. However, this time, when you jump off from the
    building, immediately do a 180 and turn around to face
    north. You should see a small ledge carged into the side
    of the mountain soon enough, so head that way. Once you
    get over there, drop down and take out the Poe that is
    standing guard over the area [NIGHT].

    42. Hyrule Field - Head south over the Great Hyrule Bridge until you go
    across a wooden bridge. Continue along the path a
    short bit until you come to a curve in the path, then
    take a glance to your left to see a boulder up top.
    Use a Bomb Arrow on it to explode it, then use the
    Clawshot on the target that appears to pull yourself
    up. Look east from your position, use another Bomb
    Arrow on another boulder, then Clawshot yourself over
    again. Continue east with one more Clawshot target,
    then take out the Poe Soul lying in wait for you

    43. Hyrule Field - From the Castle Town warp point, go straight north
    until you are taken onto the very next screen. Here,
    head north and west a bit to a small grove of trees
    with a lot of grass. Morph into a wolf and turn on
    your senses to find a dig point in the grass. Dig down
    and underneath in the grotto, you shall find this

    44. Hyrule Field - Same spot as Poe #43.

    45. Hyrule Field - From the Castle Town warp point, go straight north
    until you are taken onto the very next screen. Head
    south and west from this point to find a long arched
    stone bridge going across the water. The Poe will be
    floating in wait at the peak of the bridge [NIGHT].

    46. Hyrule Field - Exit out of Castle Town via the western exit. Right
    outside on the small exit you should easily be able to
    spot the Poe Soul for the taking [NIGHT].

    47. Hyrule Field - Head straight south from the Hyrule Castle Town warp
    point into the marble ruins. Next to one of the
    still-standing stone columns, you will find this Poe
    in a patrol [NIGHT].

    48. Zora's Domain - Starting near the entrance to Snowpeak, morph into
    a wolf and use Midna to jump up the nooks and
    crannies heading to the top of the Domain. After a
    short bit of moving up, you should run into the Poe
    floating in your way. Be careful as to not fall off
    when fighting this one.

    49. Upper Zora River - Head to the UZR via the Zora's Domain warp point.
    From the entrance to this area, head west until
    you are standing next to the current flow that
    goes through an area with two lit torches. Swim
    across the current to the small hill opposite,
    where the Poe lies in wait [NIGHT].

    50. Snowpeak - After having obtained the Ball and Chain, warp to the
    Snowpeak warp point. Head back into the actual mountain,
    and drop down a few floors until you come to a room with
    two ice walls. Break them to reveal a Poe.

    51. Hyrule Field - From the Kakariko Gorge warp point, head south a
    slight bit, then head east up the hill. Hug the fence,
    and when you get to the corner with the tree, you
    should be able to see the Poe [NIGHT].

    52. Hyrule Field - In Faron province, go to the crossroads between
    heading to Kakariko Gorge and to Faron Woods. Instead
    of going to either spot, head north across the bridge.
    Across the stream, you should notice a Poe next to a
    tree on top of a small cliff overlooking the road.
    Go up there and kill it [NIGHT].

    53. Faron Woods - Head to the area with all the poisonous mist from the
    southern side. As a wolf, jump across the branches via
    Midna until you get to a large stump. The Poe will be
    lying in wait for you here.

    54. Lantern Cavern One - In Lantern Cavern One, which is a cave in the
    mountain to the west side of Kakariko Gorge, go
    left, up the stairs, right, and right on their
    respective four splits to face off against this

    55. Lantern Cavern Two - In Lantern Cavern Two, which is a cave in the
    wall next to the watch tower in Lake Hylia,
    this Poe can be encountered on your way to the

    56. Lantern Cavern Two - Same as #55.

    57. Lantern Cavern Two - Same as #55, at the end.

    58. Cave of Ordeals - Floor Seventeen of the Cave of Ordeals.

    59. Cave of Ordeals - Floor Thirty-Three of the Cave of Ordeals.

    60. Cave of Ordeals - Floor Forty-Four of the Cave of Ordeals.