• Prologue-
    It all started the first year or High School. Eighth grade was over with and now it was a new start. But to tell you the truth, my new start wasn't the best. It had a ton of changes and regrets.My clothes,my style,my friends and family, and everything else was different in the smallest ways and some in the biggest. It all started with the divorce. When i ever i look at it, most couples can't live with each other forever. I just need to know some how if they can. I mean once in a while i see old couples and I smile. But my parents aren't going to be that old couple. My mom said it wasn't working but i knew that because every night when i tried to sleep there was fighting and crying. Its funny how, i really cared but didn't want to show it. My dad was really cool, he taught me and my family a lot. But for some odd reason he had this long annoying hard problem with my mom. Once i heard the news i couldn't believe it. So many different feelings, it take me a lifetime to explain.It all started from there. The problems, grades, friends, clothes, and etc. It all just died.How could one small decision in my life change it all?So i keep a diary now, and i guess it all was suppose to end up helping me.