• As the sun barely rose from the suburban horizon, I woke up to check on my fish in the living room. As always my fish were swimming around in their home. Suddenly, I spotted a few crayfish crawling on the fish tank terrain, minding their own business.

    I finally remembered that my family was going to have a get-together for dinner. So I asked my dad if he put some of our dinner in our fish tank. He said he did, but he wouldn't tell me why, he just told me so the crayfish would "have fun" and to make friends in the fish tank before they "pass away." Sadly, he was unaware of what was going to happen next. Suddenly, I felt a bad feeling in my mind and I thought I was watching too much T.V.

    Then I told myself to stop worrying and that everything would be fine. So I went to devour breakfast. Then I felt a dark and grim feeling, creeping in my mind. Something pinched my stomach. So I looked to my heart and mind for some kind of sign to move and check on someone or something that's worth overlooking. As I was wandering around my house, I spotted something disturbing at the corner of my eye. I turned to the direction to where I spotted a savage-like behavior among a specific kind of crayfish. At first, I thought I saw snow dancing in the water but, it wasn't snow. I saw a group of fish staring at something, something that will scar them for the rest of their short lives.

    Then I felt my head pounding and my heart racing as I saw the most disturbing experience in my life. My most precious and beloved fish, Orange Hat, was seized by a deranged, murderous crayfish. Suddenly, it drew my Orange Hat close to its mouth. I though the crayfish wouldn't do what I thought it would do, but unfortunately, it did!

    I helplessly watched as the crayfish shredded my Orange Hat's body. Tears were rolling down my steaming cheeks as I yelled and banged on the tank's glass. I ran to find some kind of net to catch the non-stop shredding machine from its torturing performance, but it was too late. My defenseless fish died, all that was left of him was his half-eaten body and its snow-like remains, still dancing and floating in the fish tank.

    My mind was empty of all thoughts and emotion. I stopped controlling the rest of my tears and I let them fall freely down my cheeks on the tear-stained carpet. My dad ran to me to see why I was yelling and banging. All I did was point and Orange Hat's lifeless body and the same crayfish that murdered my precious fish. I looked at my dad with an emotionless stare.

    He looked at where and what I was pointing at, then he looked at me as if he had made the biggest mistake in his life. Then I remembered that life was never fair and all good things must come to an end, eventually. So my dad apologized to me and I forgave him and I moved on with the rest of my life. I still fell so much sorrow, anger, and above all, emptiness. sad