• Everyone has regrets.

    Every day, regrets. Everyday regrets.

    As I stare at my laptop screen, feeling some sort of anger and hysteria clutch my heart and squeeze, I regret having been here. I regret all the things I waste my time on, damn the John Lennon quote about wasted time that was enjoyed couldn't have been wasted.

    Every day, the majority of us are passively dying. Some people are actively dying, in a number of ways too many to list, and how sad is that, but considering how often we're told to "Enjoy life!" why don't we talk about how important the concept of dying is to life itself? Why don't we put more stock in it, talk about it more, give it as much energy as life is surely given?

    Or maybe I've missed the point. Maybe I, and my depressed brain, have missed the point.

    So who cares.

    But every regret is still a regret.