• Before it all
    Chapter 1
    “c’mon, dude! She’s totally right for you!” Spectro said sitting on his bed. Spectro and Taylor were both 17. “Dude you guys would look so cute together!” Spectro said.
    “Spectro, she’s hot and all but I don’t think she’s the right person, there might be someone else in life dude!” Taylor replied
    “And then there is the possibility of you dying single” Spectro said sarcastically.
    “Fine, but what am I going to-!” Taylor said tried to say but Spectro cut him off. “Just ask her!” Spectro said, Spectro held out some flowers and Taylor took them. Then in a flash they were on Taylors crushes street, old saint avenue, the only nice and clean street in Contra. They soon arrived at Crystal’s door.
    She lived in a 2 story house, it was brown and looked like it was from Italy, and the house also kinda looked like olive garden how they have the vines and stuff. “Ding dong” the door bell rang out. A 17 year old girl with blond hair and light tan skin opened the door. “Hey!” she said “aren’t you that one guy from biology class?” Taylor scratched the back of his head and Spectro punched him in his back. “Um uhh yeah! I am.” Crystal was one of those girls that likes hugs and hung out with both guys and girls. And when a guy made a joke she would always say “you boys make me laugh so bad!” so at least she called Taylor a guy.
    “Yeah, hi” Taylor said. “So what’s up?” she asked
    Taylor pulled the flowers from behind his back. “These are for you…….” And Taylor handed her the flowers. “Hey why don’t you come in?” She said “sure” Taylor said “this is a sign!” Spectro whispered to Taylor. Crystal turned, “you say something?” asked Crystal “um no I didn’t” Taylor replied
    He shot a look at Spectro and walked into the house. She smelled the flowers and her eyes widened. “Is something wrong?” Taylor said in alert “these are the best flowers I’ve ever smelled!” she said “thanks!” she said as she hugged him.
    “Crystal I got to use the bathroom” Spectro said
    “2nd door on the left in the hall.” She said as she closed the door
    “Hey want to talk or something?” she asked “sure” he replied “you want something to drink? Water, Pepsi, coke, sprite?” She asked “no I’m fine “Taylor replied “come sit on the couch” she said as she went over and sat down. “So what’s up?” she asked
    “Ok so I was um wondering um ok, uhh I Liked you though out grade school, Spectro has been pushing me to ask you out, ever since I told him in 3rd grade and you’re really nice and pretty and I just love your personality!” Taylor said it all so fast he had to catch his breath.
    “Well, you could have just asked me” she said “so?” Taylor said hopefully. Taylor stood up then everything around him was gone and it was just him and her, she went up to him and hugged him again. Taylor felt like an idiot telling her all that stuff but he said it. “Yes!” she said as Taylor let out a sigh of relief. She put her arms around his neck and then it happened so fast, but at least it did. She kissed him, Taylor closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment. And then came Spectro around from the corner “hey Crystal you’re out of toilet paper and Taylor’s mom called and said we have to go home” Spectro said “on sec” Crystal said and turned to Taylor.
    “I’ll see you at school.” She said. Then he turned and left out the door with Spectro. “How did it go?” Spectro asked, he wanted to hear all about it “you didn’t take a poop you just stuffed your pockets with toilet paper” Taylor said “you caught me!” Spectro said as he pulled out loads of toilet paper from his pockets. “So what happened?” Spectro asked “We kissed” Taylor said as if it was no big deal. But it was, crystal was a cheerleader and she was the best one, she could flip up 15 feet and then land on her feet. “You kissed? Are you kidding me? You Taylor kissed the one and only Crystal? The cheerleader and the best one, the one all football players want but she rejects then and she kissed you!? Wow!” Spectro replied
    “And were going out” Taylor said back “Hey, I told you to do it! I pushed you since the-“Spectro said “I know I know you tried to get me to ask her since the 3rd grade I know! Okay?”Taylor said after that they walked home. Spectro opened the door as the 2 of them went into his house. “Black jack!” Spectro yelled
    “BARK BARK!” came a bark from the kitchen and then came in a black Labrador. “Eh boy! How ya doing?” Spectro said. The dog jumped up and barked. “Spectro, ya I got to go home see ya tomorrow” Taylor said “okay see you later” Spectro replied as Taylor left. Taylor got in his car and drove on home. He had finished reading a book called Twilight and had bought the same car as the vampire Edward, It was a Volvo but it was one of those Volvo SUV’S. The next morning Taylor picked up Spectro from his house and went over to pick up Crystal.
    “Beep!” his horn rang out, the door opened and crystal ran out, she opened the car door and got inside. “Nice car” she said
    “I feel like a taxi now” Taylor said sarcastically “Hey you chose to take me!” Spectro yelled from the back seat. Crystal turned “Hey toilet pooper!” she said with a laugh and turned back around. “Hey My dad gave me a card to go eat wanna to go out to eat after school? “She asked “and you too toilet boy. If you want…” she said “I’d love to go, which restaurant is it to?” Taylor asked “all of them!” she said with a smile and kissed Taylor on the cheek. “Okay let’s get to school we don’t want Mr. Manglarie wanting to know where we are and him calling our parents for no reason at all” Taylor said and with that they were off to school. The car stopped 13 minutes later and they all got out of the car with they’re backpacks. Taylor locked his car and held his Hand with Crystal as they walked into the school. They walked down a hallway and there on the stairs were a pack of football players, all chatting and laughing. One turned, “Hey Crystal-“he paused when he saw their hands holding on to each other. Crystal and Taylor both took their hands and shoved them into their pockets. “I uh fell and he helped me up and uh “she was thinking of an excuse “She fell because the janitor was running down the hallway and uh yeah” Taylor said “whew! I thought you were going out with this moron for a second” he said Taylor saw crystal try to hold back from yelling at him. “He’s my friend” she said and they both walked away. “Hey GUYS! Look! Crystals got a Nerd as her boyfriend!” They hear the Football player yell. She turned back and ran towards the player, she flipped up and kicked him in his gut. “Ouch!” Taylor said to himself “He’s not a nerd and if you guys want to call him that again, I dare you! See what will happen!” she said in a fierce voice. Everyone was silent, she turned and left. When she met up with Taylor down the hall she took his hand out of his pocket and held it as they walked down the hall. “Hey if they do that to you and I’m not there Run, okay cause they can do some serious Damage Remember Barf boy?”She asked “they all got new uniforms and he barfed all of ‘em!
    “Okay, thanks for the tip” Taylor replied, they had 2 classes together, Biology and Math. Biology was first and then 1 class until they would meet up again. In biology, Taylor sat next to Crystal; Taylor still couldn’t believe that he was going out with her. He looked at her and then at her paper, she was struggling on #12 on the morning Biology assignment. Taylor Ripped of a piece of paper and wrote down the missing answers and slipped them onto her book. She looked at him and smiled then went to work copying his answer for #12 even though he had given her all the answers she only used one of them. After class Taylor went to English class. Spectro was in English and there teacher Mr.Nalgat was so strict they had assigned seats! Not like the rest of the teachers. He had Brown hair with a bit of white in it and his voice made him sound like he was gay.
    He had buck teeth and snorted a lot. “Okay class today were going to learn about why we have so many idiots in school” she said. Everyone turned, they weren’t surprised. “We don’t even learn in this class!!” yelled Ronald, he was a Jock, a football player. Then came the principal’s voice on the intercom. “Can I have Mr.spectro shade come to my office Mr. Nalgat?” He asked “take him away!” he replied Taylor looked at him “Dude, don’t leave me here! No, don’t go! Bro!” he said as Spectro left
    “you got the girl and I’ve got the freedom” he said and then left. After, Ronald looked at him, he was still mad. GULP! What to do now? Crystal wasn’t here and if Ronald made a move he would be dead meat! Gulp again. WAIT! Spectro’s dad had made him and Spectro a voice cell, he could get into the intercom and make himself go home! But what about math class? And what if Ronald came to his door with his buddies ready to throw him onto his car? He did it anyway. He raised his hand “Yes?” Mr.Nalgate asked “Bathroom” he said back “fine, man you kids are like babies, every day, bathroom! Bathroom! Mr.Nalgate! Bathroom!” he said like a 2 year old, more like a gay 2 year old. He opened the door and left, when he made it to the bathroom he dug through his backpack. Yes, he found it. He had the schools number in there, He was in. “Mr.Nalgate, Taylor has to check out.” He said and then he heard in the tone of his Principal “Mr.Nalgate, Taylor has to check out.” YES! It worked! He made his way back to his class room when he bumped into Mr. Manglarie, the Principal! “Was that my voice just on in that class room?” he asked “no uhh… it’s a vid uhh. For Biology! Mr. Manglarie…” He said quickly trying not to get busted. “Okay, because I could of sworn that was—“
    “Don’t worry, it’s a vid for bio!” he said
    “Okay” he said as he walked down the hall. He made it to his class room! “Taylor” Said Mr.Nalgate “yeah?” he replied “Time to go see your mommy” He said. When he said something about your mommy he meant home. “Right away!” Taylor said as he stormed out of the class room. He made it outside and to his car. He got in and went home. In his lot he sat there listening to music until school was over then he went to go pick up Crystal and Toilet pooper. “I didn’t see you in Math?” Crystal said as they drove down to Red robin. “Yeah, I thought you would notice.” he said “Is that a bad thing or a good thing?” she Replied “I don’t know” he said “hey toilet pooper!?” Taylor called. “Yeah?” Came Spectro’s reply. You want to pick up Blackjack that okay with you?” Taylor said “hey I got a Chihuahua!, maybe they could like play and stuff.” She said “yeah we could drop them off at the Dog hotel!” Taylor said
    They drove to Spectro’s house go his dog then Went to Crystals and got her Chihuahua. They dropped them at A dog hotel and went to Red Robin, When they got there it was packed. They saw 3 tables empty and got one. It was Crystal, Taylor and toilet pooper. “Soooo…” Crystal said “whacha gonna get Hun?” she said uncomfortably. “Regular hamburger, with a cherry coke and fires” came Taylors Reply. “I’m getting the cheeseburger, Dee-lish! With a Pepsi and let’s see……. I guess fries” Spectro said, Taylor realized that she really didn’t want to get dirty with grease.
    “Hey, don’t worry just use a napkin.” Taylor said “I don’t want to look like a clean freak!” she replied “well if anyone asks you bought those clothes from Saks fifth avenue.” Taylor said “Isn’t that a really expensive clothing store?” She asked
    “yeah, pretty much, then no one would call you a clean freak” Taylor said “well then I’ll get a Burni’n love burger with a sprite” she said “whoa! Isn’t that like 5 inches tall? You think you can eat that? Its spicy too!” came his reply “I might not know a lot about food but, you’re not going to eat it all!” Spectro said
    “Fine, I’ll get a cheeseburger” she said
    A lady came over to the table “You guys ready to order?” she asked “I’ll get a Cheeseburger” Crystal said “with sprite” “Ill get a cheeseburger too but with a Pepsi” Spectro said “A regular Burger with Cherry coke” Taylor said “Okay is that it?” she said “Yup!” they all said all of a sudden there came a crash and then the sound of a gunshot they Turned to see 3 men in black coats and masks all carrying pistols. “This is a Robbery!” one man yelled out. No duh. Spectro turned back to see Crystal clinging on to Taylor with her eyes wide open. Spectro looked back to see an animal throw down one of the guys and bite his neck then he got another and then Spectro and realized it wasn’t just some animal! Oh yeah, it was black jack.

    Chapter 2

    “Black jack!” Spectro yelled, it wasn’t over yet! One of the men had just enough power to pull the trigger and shoot the man at the counter in the leg! The man Yelped in pain as He ran out into the EMPLOYEES ONLY Room, The man on the floor turned and aimed the gun at black jack. “Black Jack! Come here boy!” Spectro screamed trying not to panic. Black jack was on his way when it happened, the dog fell and yelped he limped trying to get to Spectro and then it was over, the poor Black lab was on the ground. “NO!!!!” Spectro screamed, Spectro took a Chair from a Table and threw it at the man with the gun. The Police arrived just in time with an ambulance. The dog was Put inside and Driven to the Emergency medical vet in Downtown Contra.
    Spectro was left with only to hope for the best for his beloved dog black jack. 7 officers were in the building calming people down; one lady actually smacked one officer with her cane.
    Crystal stood there, wide eyes clutching onto Taylor, she had been doing this since the beginning, “It’s going to be alright” Taylor whispered to her “it’s going to be alright” He repeated
    “Boom!” came a gunshot, 2 of the officers were down, blood pouring out onto their jackets. 4 men again in black came in, this time they came to their table, “Which one is going to pay?” he said as he aimed the gun at them, “neither of ‘em!” They turned to see the old lady waking the man with her cane!
    They all almost burst out laughing but didn’t, for a few moments later; she was knocked across the room. Poor lady all she wanted to do was help. Crystal got up and ran snatching something from Taylor’s pocket. She ran into the employees’ only room and out the back door. “Where’s the girl?!” The man yelled Spinning around as he banged his fist on the table, surely he didn’t want any police on him. The other officers had been killed by his buddies. “SCRRREEECH!” Came a piercing noise. Spectro made his move, he kicked his leg in the man’s knee cap as he toppled over, He and Taylor ran, Spectro went back to the table “Spectro?!” Taylor screamed “wait!” he said as he got his burger, then he stomped on the man’s hand “Ahhh!” the man screamed in agony. He held out his food “Forgot this” He said with a mouth full of fries. The car outside had its window rolled down and the driver was a woman. “Get in!” Crystal hollered. Spectro and Taylor ripped the doors open and got in. “Taylor gets in the front seat!” she said “why?” he asked “I only have my Permit.” She said with a grin. “WHAT!?” Spectro asked with disbelief, Spectro was a safety first kinda person, in the first grade he always reminded his parents to buckle up. he always used the “Click it or ticket!” Saying, “Just shut up!” Crystal screamed. Taylor hopped into the passenger seat, “c’mon!” He yelled as she pushed her foot down on the gas. They were out of there! Later Crystal and Taylor Switched seats and they drove home, Taylor all of a sudden braked. “what’s wrong?” She asked “Black jack got out of the dog hotel right?” he asked “well yeah” she replied “We took them both together and they put them in the same room, Spectro’s dog and yours”
    “Jane might of got out!” she said in alert “Exactly!”Taylor said, Bark! Crystal rolled down her window, she then got out of the car. “My baby!” she yelled out over and over again “you’re safe!” “I found her!” she yelled and Spectro got out of the car.
    “eww! She’s Di-rty!” Spectro said sarcastically. “Crystal its getting late, ill drop you off then ill drop off Spectro and go home, okay with you?” Taylor said with a Yawn. “Okay if you say so.” She said.

    Chapter 3

    Later that night Taylor lay in bed awake, he had just gone through a robbery, and his girlfriend almost crashing his car. His mind raced, he couldn’t take it all in. I sat up in bed and took a book from his drawer. He moved his hand over the letters, Pendragon was on the front of the book, and it was another favorite of his. He opened the book and began to read, he read through the night, later I got so tired he forgot about everything and fell asleep.
    In the morning he awoke to his alarm, he looked down to see the book on open on his chest. “opps” he said sarcastically. “yeah opps!” He looked to see his mother standing at the door with her hands to her hips with a kitchen towel in her hand.
    “did I-“
    “yes! Taylor your late!”
    Taylor looked at his clock and saw the numbers 8:43 AM.
    “oh no! I had to pick up Spectro!” he said
    He didn’t dare say anything about crystal or his family would tease him for week’s maybe even months! He pulled the blanket off him and ran to his closet, He picked out a Baby blue shirt, a polar white coat and some new jeans. He picked up his backpack off the floor and ran out the door.
    Outside he opened his car door and threw his backpack in the back seat. He then got in and closed the door. He Put the key in the hole and turned it as it came to life. He looked back and put the car into Reverse. When he made it to school he gave the principal a note from his mom that said he went on a trip to Sretle (a City far away) and came back late at night. He was excused and sent to class. On his way he bumped into Ronald the crazy mad jock. “o-oh hey……..” Taylor said, Ronald did the fist punching his other hand thing which meant he was going to get beat up. “Actually!” he said stopping, “I’m going to beat up crystal because she’s the one who asked you out!” he said cockily. “n-no! she didn’t d-do anything!” He stammered “oh did she not?” he said putting his face to Taylor’s. the last few moments were a blur, his stomach hurt, he saw a big figure run and 2 figures come forward him. A few moments later everything came into focus. The 2 figures were the Desk lady and Mr. Manglarie! He was saved! “sir!” Taylor said weakly
    “what happened?” he asked “Ronald! He h-he punched me and threw me acro-ss the r-room!”
    “do you know why?” he asked
    “Lets say love hurts okay?” came Taylor’s reply
    Seconds later he was sent home again, and Spectro was excused from class again. The principal helped put Taylor in the back seat and put him in his seat belt. They closed the door as Spectro entered the front. “Drive Like an Old Lady” Taylor said.
    Taylor wasn’t in the mood for getting in a car wreck. “got it ,got it!” he said as the motor came to life. Spectro took his iPod out and hooked it up to his car, “none of that music with trash talki in it! Got it?” he said. Spectro turned the wheel right and then pressed the middle button. Zzzzzz! A screen came out from the radio. “Woah! Wait how did you-?” he asked. “This is why I made you read twilight and get this exact car at the dealer, my dad upgraded it, im the fav of the family.” He said with an innocent smile (like this ^_^) “get over here now!” came a familiar voice. “it cant be!” Taylor said and looked at the screen, there was Spectro’s dad. He had reported dead just months ago. He sat up, his stomach aching. “Taylor!” came his warm voice “nice to see you” Taylor looked and finally found that the screen had a camera. “this makes no sense!” Taylor stammered “it’s simple! A mission for 2” he said with a grin
    Chapter 4
    A mission for 2

    “WAIT!” they heard a faint voice yell out “Crystal!” he yelled out. He opened the door and jumped out. Bad idea, his back cracked and he fell. “Taylor!” She screamed as she sprinted toward him. Seconds later she was knelt down beside him helping him up. They both got in the car and shut the door behind them. “Hey isn’t that that one dude that when miss-“
    She couldn’t finish the sentence because Spectro’s dad cut in “So you are Taylor’s new or should I say first girlfriend? Am I correct?”
    She Shot Spectro a look. “He went missing! 4 months ago! News channel 9. How is he? H-how is he there or were ever he is? How?!” she stammered. She looked back at the screen. “Creepy” she said still not taking it. “Maybe a mission for 3 perhaps”
    “Hey!” they heard a voice call out, the turned around to see the principal walking towards the car. “DRIVE!” Crystal shouted and Spectro hit the pedal. “What’s the problem?” Taylor asked “I ditched class!” she said with a shriek.

    “Drive 2.5 miles and turn left on North east Hollsie Street” the Female GPS voice said
    Spectro drove faster, “Re-calculating” it said “This thing is annoying me! I’m the driver TURN IT OFF!” he yelled. Crystal leaned her hand toward and pushed the red off. Instead of turning the machine off, a metal arm came out and grabbed her. Of course she screamed. “Hahahah! Finger print!” Spectro chuckled “Creep!” she said rubbing her arm. She got back into her seat, relaxed and took her MP3 player out of her backpack. She zipped the backpack closed and turned it on as the logo appeared. Taylor put his arm around her as she leaned towards him and put a song on. She took an ear bud and gave it to him, he stuck it in his ear and she pressed the play button. Crystal put her head on Taylor shoulder.
    “Look out guys” Spectro said with caution. Taylor took the bud out of his ear, “what?” and without warning the car slid onto the next lane. “Gee thanks” Taylor said. “Hey I warned you!” Spectro said innocently “next time say it louder” said Taylor The car turned and went up and into the freeway. “GPS, turn on the POC satellite” Spectro said in a sturdy voice. “Turning on” Said the Computer “so what does POC mean?” crystal asked
    “Police communicator!” Taylor and Spectro said at once. “Okay Geese! I’m new to this geek stuff Spectro you don’t have to go all dork mode on me”
    “its not geek stuff and I can make up rude comments about you too just watch!”
    “Really Spectro? Can you? I’m popular I’m #2 best at cheerleading. Hot guys ask me out. Name one girl that asked you out! One!”
    “Well there was uhh, Taylor don’t you Remem-“
    “You’re on your own pal” Taylor said with a smile.
    Taylor put the ear bud in his ear and they drove along going to somewhere they would soon figure out. Minutes later the car stopped “Destination reached” The GPS said and turned off.
    “Like I said creepy!” Crystal said as she took the ear bud out of her ear. They all opened their doors and looked around. “Its-“
    “Desert” Taylor finished for crystal. “And we couldn’t see it because?” crystal asked “hey I’m in shock just like you two!” Spectro said holding his hands up. “Hey there’s a building over there” crystal said, he eyes squinting. She pointed; they all walked over to the building and stood in front of 1 huge metal door. “So uh, how do we get in?” she asked Spectro saw a Hole and stuck his finger in, “hold please” said a voice. “Whoa!” Crystal exclaimed as she jumped back. “It’s okay” Taylor said calming her down. “You may now pull the handle” the voice said, A buzzer rang and he pulled the latch and they all entered the big building. “Welcome! Welcome!” A man said, Spectro ran and hugged him. Yes it was his dad. “Okay I need you in the conference room, were having a meeting” he said
    “About what?” crystal said curiously. All of them were dirty with sand and dirt. “First I beg you, bathe and then we will join the meeting okay?” he asked. The group looked down at themselves, “Were a mess!” crystal exclaimed. “Luckily I didn’t wear my new jeans!” “Please follow me, we will dispose of your clothing and suit you for the occasion” Spectro said and told them to follow.
    He led them down a large Hallway. The walls were large and grey and looked like…… like something. They walked for 2 minutes and reached a room that was labeled “SHOWER” “do we all have to share a shower?” crystal asked in discus “I bet you would want to share one with Taylor” Spectro mocked. Crystal hit his arm with the back of her hand “He might be my Boyfriend but I’m not sick minded like you!” Crystal said “Miss please calm down” Spectro dad said “and you can call me Robert” He said with his chin up. “You will get in our showers, take off your clothes and throw them over onto the floor. Our workers will come in and take them, they will leave new clothes and a towel for you, There are changing rooms connected to your showers, all you need is in there” He said that and left. “Uh, they better get me a new bra” she said Taylor and Spectro chuckled “what?” she asked. Moment later they were all in their showers scrubbing off dirt and washing their hair with shampoo that smelled like oranges. “Hey guys this stuff smells good” Spectro commented
    “Do they have any deodorant?” Taylor asked
    “I don’t know” Spectro replied
    When they were done they entered their changing rooms and dried off, after, they found Deodorant a new change of clothes (a bra for crystal) Socks, and shoes. “What’s this supposed to be?” crystal thought to herself as she held up a yellow sunflower dress.
    After they all changed and exited the door to find a man, “I’m here to take you to the meeting” he said. they followed him without a single word. No one spoke. He had brown eyes and shiny brown hair to match them. he wore a white jump suit with black lines going down. He also wore a black and silver belt with clips like a rock climber. Crystal touched one of them and asked “what are these?” The man turned and the clip slid from her hand. He looked her right in the eye. “Don’t touch them” he said in a low voice and turned, he started walking and they all sighed in relief. “Here you are guys” he said as he opened a large wooden door. There was just a handle, no lock, and no good security. He turned the handle and pushed the door open; the room had a long table with office chair surrounding it. To the side were 7 people one of them was Robert. Each side had 7 people. The font of course had only one.
    5 seats were empty so Crystal and Taylor decided to sit as far away as possible from Spectro and his sick mind. “Greetings to all I’m glad you all could be here” a man in crazy jump suit asked, actually, they all wore crazy jump suits and looked funny which made them all giggle a little, they were the only one’s not were clothes that weird so everyone gave then a kind of odd sideways look. “imp round to announce that the president of this company’s son is here!” he said.
    Everyone gasped
    “Uh, WTF?” spectro whispered to Taylor, but Taylor just moved farther away.
    “we are going to test our new invention, a test tube that fits two people, this machine makes it possible to travel in time and as you go you grow, so if I got 20 years ahead in time my body will grow by exactly 20 years!” he said.
    Everyone wowed and clapped. “The first to try it. The son and his friend!” the crazy man said. Now it was Taylor and spectro turn to gasp. Oh and don’t forget crystal. Minutes later they were in the invention room. Spectro and Taylor were in the tube awaiting to be sucked somewhere. “starting” Robert said. A blue light began to run through the tube. Crystal put her hand on the glass. “I love you” she said.
    “I love you too.” Taylor responded. And In seconds the two men were gone.

    Chapter 4

    They were in the tube. Going for 4 year in the future when an image came up. It was the invention room.
    “Taylor...” crystal whispered. A man kicked her in the gut and she fell. “Take her to the training center. Make her hate everything she likes.” Robert said. He Wrenched open a box with the controls, he changed it to 1 year in the future. The tube got them there in no time. More like hours later. When they got there the light turned green and the door opened.
    They walked out. They were in a hanger. With, ships. There were people boarding the ships. Some men some women. He saw they all had straight faces. “Board!” a man yelled
    He saw a woman in a slick black suit with highlighted blond hair. The hanger was quiet; a footstep would get everyone’s attention. “Crystal…” Taylor whispered sadly
    A woman turned. She looked nothing like crystal, (the blond one) but then her face turned tan her eyes went brown and she jumped up. “Taylor!” she squealed.
    She ran to him. Taylor caught her in his arms and picked her up. “You know an older you look hotter.” She said. They both chuckled. “I - I missed you” crystal said. Taylor moved his head closer, crystal moved her sideways and they kissed. FOR LIKE 2 MINUTES! “Taylor” she said sadly, “Ronald’s here too.” Taylor jolted his head back. “What!” He exclaimed. “And uh. Um. He’s really, big” crystal said
    “And he forced me to, to….. Kiss him.” She said crying
    “Did you do it?” Taylor asked
    He pushed me down and got on top of me and kissed me, by force, I spit in his mouth, though he threw me across the room.” She was sobbing now. “Its okay, its okay” he said rubbing her back. She took his hand. “Come on I got to show you something” she said walking. They followed. They approached the door and ran into a big black brick.
    “Oh *******” Taylor said. He pulled a gun from his back pocket. Spectro had stolen it from the man near his food”a year ago”. He pointed the gun. “You can’t do anything” the brick said, necessarily the brick was Ronald if you hadn’t noticed.
    “Crystal, she my girl” Ronald said. “Right?” he said with his fist up.”
    “No.” She said and pulled a large sword from her belt and stabbed him. Taylor shot him five times. The brick fell and they ran. “There’s a room, they made a tube that fits seven people, we can get back.” She said the got in “that” specific room and got in the tubes. “So how was your stay in the paradise suit?” Taylor asked sarcastically
    “Oh it was wonderful!” crystal said back. “Starting” crystal said.
    “Get them!” It was Robert!
    “Dad!” spectro said angrily
    “I HATE YOU!” spectro screamed
    Spectro’s dad fell and burst into tears
    “My dads weak” spectro whispered. The light went blue and the were launched back 1 year and 10 days.
    The were in the tube for a few seconds when the light when green.
    They pushed the door open and got out.
    Robert was there.
    “I’m going to Kill you!” crystal said as she launched herself at him.

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