• Teens these Days

    Why do teens follow trends and groups? Is there really a reason for all those changing personalities out there? Or just the commomly known peer pressusre?
    Yeah, we've all dealt with some type of peer pressuse in our lives, but did it make us forget who we are and who our true friends are? It does that to so many young teenagers these days. They forget themselves, their friends and most of all their boundries. Drugs and alchol are playing a huge role in peoples lives today. They are claiming teen's lives all over the world.Is there any way
    to stop or prevent this from proceeding?
    I belive so. T.V shows and cartoons are promoting these things and saying that they are "cool". Is liver failure "cool"? What about living on the streets or dying at a young age? Those things are definetly not cool, but its what drugs and alchol can do to you. Cartoons and T.V shows dont tell you the bad parts,
    only the things that will make them get more ratings by making it "funny".
    Peer pressure is playing a huge role in this, kids are hangging out with the "wrong crowd" because they think they are cool and popular.
    These crowds are leading teenagers to do things they would never do or even
    think twice about. We need to be ourselves, not what other people say we should be. We shouldnt be pressured into doing things we don't want to do.
    We all have a voice, if only we would learn to use it and say "no!"